Golf Swing Made Simple!

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Golf swing made simple with Meandmygolf Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman. They teach you how to perfect your golf swing in the easiest way possible.

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Rafiqul Islam says:

interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out golf tips videos try
Boshapra Instant Golfer Boffin (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome
things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

IronMike212 says:

2 words…. Steve Stricker. 3 words… Square to square. If you open the
face on the way back, you have to have great timing to get it square on the
way down. 

ann Sami says:

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instruction try Boshapra Instant Golfer Boffin (should be on google have a
look ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my partner got
great success with it. 

Lance Nowitz says:

I have been playing golf for many years and looked at many different ideas.
I like your teaching and thought the use of the tennis racquet a
exceptional idea as it gives a proper visual aid as to what is correct
which is not that easy when using a golf club as the head of the club is
angled off the shaft.
Thanks very much.
PS-your spelling of fundamentals is incorrect.

Jacob Christensen says:

Y do u have a tennis racket 

desnoyers111 says:

Omggg thank you so much !!! All my life my dad told me that it was
important to Not open the club while starting the swing ! No wonder my ball
was always going to the sides !! I just practiced that technique and did 6
straight balls in a row thxxx a lot. I feel so happy now :D

DASH1ful says:

it’s all in the hub. in the address position the right hand faces towards
the target. the elbow points off at an angle. the right elbow has to move
back in the direction that it is pointing. the upper part of the right arm
will then hub against the body, and the force that this applies against the
body will cause it to turn

Warbird says:

Great video for the beginer !

agradina says:

i started to swing after your lesson with other 5 swingers.thanks a lot

plokert99 says:

Great video guys! Been looking for something like this for a while! Will
really help me develop my golf swing! Cheers!

andy b says:

is this the same for irons and drivers?

rono8275 says:

Ah, the old toe up to toe up drill. Been around for decades. Good to see
it still used. Very good fundamental instruction.

kirk reiner says:

I watched this video about a month ago. I am the guy who’s been playing for
years and thought the club had to go straight back until this video. All
summer I shot in the 100s and was happy if I hit a 99. I followed this one
drill and my next 4 rounds were 98, 96, 92 and 92. Thank you and i will
follow more 

m1santhrop3 says:

They have matching belts

roy lewis says:

Tried the new swing , hit some very good drives not as sure with the irons
I shanked one in 18 holes lost confidence after that

Ryan Bailey says:

Hi there, what app or software did you use to edit the video to place the
arch and arrows in? 

Peter Sly says:

Very helpful using the tennis racket to show where the face of the club
should be

Nicholas Biester says:

great video guys, even though i’ve been golfing for 2 years now it’s good
to get a reminder every once in a while of what you are truly trying to
accomplish with a golf swing even though i’ve been told about where the
club should be throughout the golf swing i sometimes forget and start to
keep my club face closed through out the swing which almost always results
in a hook

easyvivo says:

I want to ask Piers if he felt his swing is connected? Without connection,
there is no feeling of unity between the body and the club. Swing
Connection should be the first instruction. I am retired now (because of
joint pain) and I was challenged by 7 year old boy on how to feel
connected. This boy had been taking golf lessons and he felt lost. I gave
this boy a 1 hour lesson on swing connection. Guess what? The golf
instructor was so impressed about his swing, distance and character of the
ball flight. And at the end, the instructor wanted to know if the boy had
taken another golf instruction.

Lastly, if one has a connected golf swing and took a vacation, it would not
take a long time to return to the old form and score.

violeta coroianu says:

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instruction video try Barkola Amazing Golf Blueprint (do a search on google
) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got
excellent results with it. 

mypaleale says:

I gotta say I really enjoy these streamlined tutorials. Great video work
and great instruction, gentlemen. I started experimenting this year with
opening the club face about half way into my back swing beginning slowly
while keeping my head as still as possible and have had amazing results at
the range, especially with my hybrids, hitting each club about 20 yards
longer. They fly fast and straight. It really takes some focus and patience
as I’ve brought it to the course since a few times and have shanked a good
amount of early strokes forcing me to switch back to keeping the club face
more square but not completely square the remainder of the rounds. Could
just be nerves? This tutorial really makes sense. Time to practice more of

Evan Hetherington says:

Easily dropped 5+ strokes changing my swing today like this. Thanks boys

carl fowler says:

Nice! Its so hard to find a video of people not correcting swings but
actually teaching. I just decided and bought my first golf set and plan
next weekend to start going to a driving range and trying this out! 

Shohag Shanto says:

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instruction try Barkola Amazing Golf Blueprint ( search on google ) ? Ive
heard some awesome things about it and my co-worker got cool results with

Record Exchange Brisbane says:

That video has just taught me more about golf than all the combined
knowledge I received from friends. I am a classic once a year player and I
know that will keep me from buying too many rounds at the 19th. Cheers.

Sam Guy says:

I’m only a beginner as well. I really enjoyed this. Can’t wait to go to the
range tomorrow and get practicing. Thanks again :-)

roy lewis says:

Good video for people who wish to rebuild swing , back to basic’s is the
only way to go 

chillaz3000 says:

great video guys. I have been testing this out and when I do it correctly I
do not slice the ball.

Jeremy McCarter says:

I WISH I’d known about rotating the club face years and years ago! I never
got into golf, mainly because every time I’d try to hit the ball, it sliced
horribly. I watched this video after a family trip to Pebble Beach, made
that adjustment (after not hitting a golf ball for probably 10 years), and
can’t believe I can hit the ball straight. It’s crazy. All the sudden I’m
hooked on golf in a bad way. Thanks! :)

golfinguna says:

When I look at the quality of the golf instruction on you tube I have to
feel sorry for the absolute beginner. And judging by the praise that many
people give the “instructors” I also feel there is little hope for them.

Aloha House Cleaning says:

I usually do a few short swings first to warm up applying this concept and
it really does wonders to my swing. Thanks guys.

Michael Ruhumbika says:

Oh man. I’ve been squaring off the club face ALL my life playing golf
occasionally. I just made the decision to get back into it full bore, and
this video was UNBELIEVABLY helpful. I am absolutely hooked to this

Thanks guys! Keep it coming!

Knightlore10 says:

First time I have seen this advice for years to have the toe pointing
straight up at hip height. Look at Adam Scott and you will see he has the
club hooded well into hi backswing – his hand hardly rotate at all. Most of
the magazines are also advocating this.

Jackknifegyp says:

It’s not entirely correct— in the back swing—- to say that taking the
club back in a straight line will result in a ‘not straight’ square strike.
It certainly can.

Moe Norman perfected that technique—- of a straight back and thru
approach to the swing.

I’ve used it to good effect, the first time I ever tried it, i drove the
green at 220 yds, straight, true and still rolling.

It’s a bit awkward at first but I’m about ready to stop watching all the
two plane swing instruction if I can get good enough with Norman’s straight
backs and thru swing off the tee in the next several weeks.

Here’s hoping….

Ronald Couture says:

Using the tennis racket at 3:16 of the video, I notice that your first move
is a forward move; why is this

Adam Gibson says:

Why don’t you put the ball on your left foot instead of the middle of your

Joal Harding says:

Hi! Former LPGA Tour player here and currently a golf instructor at Fox
Hills in Plymouth, Mi. You had me at :08 with your delightful accents!
Great information! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

CaribbeanGolfGetAway says:

Want to improve your swing? Check it out:

Jim McDowall says:

I’m sure you guy’s have another video on the (Driver) where, you were
advocating that in position one the club head should be more at the 45
degree rather than toe up ?

Brenda Obrien says:

excellant vidio can you tell me how i should position the ball

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