Golf Swing Release Motion

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William MacDonald says:

One armed swing is typically a perfect swing for most of us. Where we screw up is when we put or second hand on the club and we try to hard, for the "action" instead of being patient and allowing the club to swing freely

Gj Pound says:

thanks bobby great understanding of the golf mechanics even i can work on this ,keep them coming gaz.

Brad Moore says:

Thanks for the videos! Can you discuss ball position with the clubs.

Anthony Viola says:

Bobby do you think it's beneficial to have early release eg as you explain the handle going back at approx. as our hands drop down to our right leg? Tonino from Toronto. Thanks for sharing this video Bobby.?

Donnie Warren says:

In other words…do you recommend a good drill to combine both? Thanks, great video

Donnie Warren says:

Why do most amateurs struggle to feel the forward shaft lean, most of us don't have the problem feeling the club head pass the handle?

DaveSender66 says:

Good video Bobby !!! Thanks for making the time to do this video !

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