golf swing secret

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G C says:

Backhanded game my ass.

Ira Shoff says:

Moe Norman said "keep your left cheek (face) to the right of the ball"

Methodic L says:

This is gold. The idea of shifting your weight in the sense they all teach is total bs. Basically you have to FEEL like you stay on your back foot.

Ira Shoff says:

Turn on that lead axis. I'm convinced, I've done that before. Thanks.

Jake Mitchell says:

If there is a secret to golf- let's call it a common trait among elite ball strikers – it's the ability some people have to properly, effectively, and consistently rotate their hips on the downswing without the shoulders following suit. The right shoulder drops only if the hips clear and the shoulders don't.

A-Frame-Wedge says:

It is more of a sidearm delivery than underhanded. Langer does that move in which his right hip turns away immediately to his left, when looking face on, more any pro I have seen. A lot of pros, their right hip does not move either way until 3/4 in backswing then right hip backs away from target.

Steve Connelly says:


Amore M says:

These golf swing secrets and techniques β€œkaha shocking guide” (Google it) go over the golf swing in great detail. The book is based off of the swing model of all tour pros put together. I have read 1/2 of this book and also the ideas are excellent. Reading this book allowed me to score 3 straight low 80s rounds.

Young Chung says:

What is problem with you Bobby?

Tv S says:

I'm not sure, but statistically speaking, has GIR changed much on average if you compare Nicklaus era touring pros to today's touring pros?

Len Floth says:

When I stay this far behind the ball, I either chunk or thin it. What am I doing wrong?

donato sammartino says:

You mentioned about hitting a golf ball straight. Why not show the best ball striker ever….Moe Norman.

Ray Chau says:

Yo Bobby, u sound eyetalian… but ur a LOPEZ… LOL

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