Golf Swing Stop Your Body Lift

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Golf Swing Stop Your Body Lift with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps another golfer via his golf app for iPhone, iPad and android devices. This golf swing looks good but Mark talks about how body movement can create different strikes and club paths. Play your best golf with Mark's simple and easy to follow tips,drills and fun golf videos.


Dennis Morrison Jr says:

I love the final note of "Going through a bucket of balls it will correct itself" I have the thought that it will work that way but half of me is saying you're just exacerbating the problem. I'm going to try and use the advice given and see where it goes.. For my self I have a big swing and I believe thats adding to this as well.

Rob flynn says:

like the mirror idea, but how to you imitate swing and watch mirror at the same time?

P_K says:

Can I send you my video? I desperately need help with my swing.

lee Davis says:

Sure this would apply to a squat into the heals raising the spine angle and creating high hands an easy hooks and toe deep divots. I need help tooooo.

Geep1778 says:

Do some squats, build up your butt cheek muscles, stationary bike, and or train your abs and you'll have a lot more stability and balance. Or at the very least get a training band. They come in packs of 3 different resistances. Looks like a big rubber band. Put it around your ankles and push your feet apart and get into your golf posture and then hold it. Take swings if you want with it on or just shuffle side to side. Trust me you'll feel it where you need it for this game! Works like a charm and it'll cost 20 bucks tops. ???? Two weeks fixed this problem for me for the most part. Train your body and watch your game improve and then have mark teach you the finer things when you're ready to break 80 lol.

ron greco says:

I also have a problem with lifting. . I got in the habit of moving my butt away from the ball. I read about offsetting forces. Any thoughts?

David Marchant says:

Where can I get those balance pads ? Thanks

Greg Lamarche says:

Exactly my problem of hitting balls to the left. Knowing it helps a while and one day I feel tired, start to forget and hope, go back to my problem. Any check trick during the round ?

Leftienige Blank says:

Hello all, another good way to self-monitor is to put on a baseball cap, take up your perfect (!!!) posture indoors facing a wall so that the peak touches the wall . 
  Take some practice swings , (NO club obviously) , excessive movements in any direction will be obvious .
  Hope this helps, cheers all, Nige .

Mr. TopRamen says:

I like this and have used the mirror and even recorded myself at different angles to see if my body was doing anything funky that I didn't know about lol one thing I've told my friends that helped almost instantly with this was to feel as if you're keeping your head over the ball. I like the chest over the ball though. This video should be called "watch this if all you're friends tell you you're lifting your head" lol

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