Golf Swing Takeaway Lesson Twisty Twisty

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Golf Swing Takeaway Lesson Twisty Twisty. More golf swing fixes and ideas from PGA professional and golf coach Mark Crossfield. More golf swing ideas and fixes via Marks iPhone golf app. This golf video is talking about the takeaway and how the twisting actions can make you change your impact to find target. Play your best golf and have fun doing so with Marks simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction.

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27G27G27 says:

Any news on getting the app fixed so that you can send your swing

Chris I says:

Great video, having Steve helps with the communication. Diagrams of face
and path are good and would be helpful to have different colors of
lines/arrows for face and path to illustrate the concept for beginners. 

Diego Diaz says:

Looks like he ripped it down the middle to me. Take note O.B Blockey !!

Stu Dunn says:

Going to go with pull, or a draw.

Kevin Gray says:

Was this a lesson for buzza?

chief2770 says:

Mark, Love all the videos you post. They are very informative and have been
a big help to me for my game. Could you do a video on how to hit 4, 5, and
6 irons off the deck?

Ratbacon says:

I’ve spent a lot of time making sure the club is in my fingers on the left
hand (as shown in a million and one diatribes on the golf grip).

Until now it never occurred to me (and it never occurred to anyone to tell
me) to do the same in my right hand. Probably obvious to many but
personally – mind blown.

Andy M says:

Actually a decent swing.

Justin M says:


Mikko Kraft says:

How should I know what shot he’s going to hit? He hasn’t started hitting it
yet. A silly question! ;)

hummingfish says:

For goodness sakes, just say “closed” and “open”. Saying “twisted” is just
being pedantic.

bassguitarplayer123 says:

I like the videos much. I like the course vlogs you do they are very funny
and interesting.

Paul Dillon says:

Could he not just swing in-to-out in order to create a draw, rather than
changing the twist and the swing path??

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