Golf Swing Takeaway | The SECRET 2 Inch Movement
How to perform a centered golf swing takeaway by Chuck Quinton of The golf swing takeaway can be boiled down to an incredibly simple 2 inch movement that you've never heard of before.

This one video has completely revolutionized that way golf instructors around the world now view and teach the takeaway!

Come see what you've been missing!

39 thoughts on “Golf Swing Takeaway | The SECRET 2 Inch Movement

  1. Hey Chuck

    When you move your right shoulder blade down & in towards spine- what would
    you say moves the rest of your body away from target (to help and complete
    the turn/rotation)
    Would you focus on center of chest? Left shoulder ? Left oblique ? Right
    oblique ? I’m sure this differs from player to player, but what have you
    found best assists the right shoulder blade in optimizing the golf swing
    towards more solid ball striking and consistency ?


  2. Hi Clay, really like this tip. Played with a 3 handicapper today at my
    club, and all I saw him working on was a small shoulder turn like this in
    his pre shot routine.

    The thing I’m confused with is how you describe the shoulder blade as going
    “slightly down” with this movement. I feel how it works ‘In’ but not down.
    Are you sure it does?


  3. As a Chiropractor and avid golfer I must say the biomechanics of what Chuck
    is teaching in this lesson are spot on. Problem is most of us have rounded
    shoulders and whats called foreword head carriage. So making this simple
    move with the trail scapula can actually be challenging. Last night I was
    asking a golf buddy about 2 different shoulder turns I seem to do = left
    shoulder feels like it either goes under or around. Executing this drill
    seems to automatically point both shoulders in the right direction. Thanks

  4. The instructor is acting silly and stupid by constantly repeating himself
    tens of times when giving a simple technique of golf swing takeaway. In my
    opinion, he is an arse-hole golf instructor. You will get nutty when he
    started to blare up his mouth !!!! 

  5. The best thing you can do for your golf game is to take advantage of the
    swing reviews you get on the site. That way we can watch your swing and
    give you custom feedback. This is the quickest and easiest way to improve.
    I look forward to seeing your swing and helping you with your golf game.
    ~Clay Ballard

  6. Your shoulders will rotate roughly 90 degrees. The real key is the
    relationship of the shoulders to the hips. In the takeaway the shoulders
    will rotate around 45 degrees and the hips very little. As you continue to
    the top the hips will begin to rotate and go roughly 45 degrees by the time
    you reach the top. The hips and the shoulders are responsible for half of
    the rotation in the backswing. Good luck with our game! ~Clay Ballard

  7. Really helpful lesson, however I do have a question. At the half way back
    point, and using your toe line as a guide why do you bring the club
    noticeably inside the line it appears, and for players like myself isn’t
    this going to create an ott swing from the top ? Thanks James

  8. Chuck, can you clear up the minimal hip turn idea? It seems that players
    like Bubba Watson rotate their hips more and in turn achieve more distance.
    Would implementing minimal hip turn not strain your swing and make you
    susceptible to injury?

  9. awesome conceptualisation of the golf swing dude i am now shooting sub 80s
    on my way back to single figures, one thing ive found is the left arm
    rotation is kind key can you comment?? cheeers keep up the great work

  10. I am still unfortunately confused on the takeaway. After practicing for a
    long time, I am not exactly sure what to do in order to make the movement.
    From all of the positive feedback from other golfers, I am surprised on how
    I do not understand. But I do not understand the spine concept, nor do I
    understand the concept of opposites. Can you please help me understand how
    to complete this swing technique and what I can do to practice??

  11. How can you have one force moving in one direction, and another in the
    opposite direction. A little confusing how this works, but i guess it’s
    proving some good results from your watchers.

  12. This is the reason why you know what the hell you are talking about. I hate
    people who are trying to figure out how they can make you wrong. Great
    tips, great brain.

  13. Absolutely. It really helps to get started off on the right foot. Good luck
    speakeezie! ~Rotary Swing Instructor, Clay Ballard

  14. Worked on this for only one week then went out yesterday and won the comp
    shooting even par off a handicap of 7 ! Thank you so much for this. It
    makes the takeaway so easy to do without even thinking. Keep up the
    excellent videos. Cheers from Down Under !

  15. i tried this rotary movement in the bed with the the wife and it worked
    great, she said my spine angle and hip rotation is perfect, and all i had
    to move was 2 inches

  16. Chuck, thanks for your efforts here to make things easier. The one thing
    that has been my downfall over the past few years has been the hinging of
    the club in the rotary swing. I changed from a “2” plane type swing over to
    a more centered swing over the the few years and had some success early but
    since then have struggled with it. The main problem is the hinging and
    blending the shoulder glide with the hinge. I tried studying hardy and just
    can’t get the shoulder and left arm to work correctly

  17. This one video single handidly changed my entire view of my golf swing . It
    was almost too simple to be true so in reality I did not take it to heart.
    I did become a member of chuck’s site and learned and learned. As my body
    and brain started to develop the correct nerve pathways and ” muscle
    memory,” I came back to this video and realized how essential it was. This
    is the foundation of my swing and I thank chuck for it. I have searched far
    and wide for info like this but never had

  18. You got to understand how to generate Angular Momentum. Endless belt effect
    and fingers controlled pivot to make a real golf swing. Not what we can
    see. want to know more? facebook dot com slash golftgm

  19. @cquinton Thank you, Chuck. I really do think you are the only one that can
    cure me. Honestly, I was a great player. I had natural ability and tried
    taking my game to the big leagues. Unfortunately, I took the wrong route
    and ended up being massively confused to the point where I need to start
    all over again. I did have a bad injury to my right leg and that was the
    start of my downfall in terms of time frames. If I can get my backswing
    corrected and style understod I know I can regain my magic

  20. Imagine a large wooden cross standing vertical. The center of the cross
    could represent your spine. If you pulled one side of the cross forward,
    the other side would move backward. That would be very similar to what is
    happening in the takeaway. ~RS Instructor, Clay Ballard

  21. Great advice. I think many people focus too much on the left arm and
    shoulder turn on the backswing and neglect the right shoulder entirely
    thinking that if the left shoulder turns then the right shoulder will
    automatically turn with it. Conventional wisdom taught us to take the club
    away with the left arm.. but really one should concentrate on the right
    arm, keep the right elbow fairly close to body and right shoulder blade
    movement towards the spine and the rest will take care of itself….

  22. How far do you rotate back when you are driving? 90 degrees? This just
    shows for a half swing shot, by how much does the rotation (degrees) change
    for a full swing?

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