Golf Swing Tempo and Timing Lesson

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Golf Swing Tempo and Timing Lesson with PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about how to think about your golf swing timing and tempo for great strikes and straighter shots. Watch and learn how to control your power in the golf swing with controlled and well timed burst of energy. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf instruction from one of the internets best loved golf professionals.


straight True says:

Yesterday it was raining and the wind was blowing the rain into the driving
range bay. The mats were wet and it was difficult to hit balls. Today I
will be staying at home and practising this one.

Chet Guida says:

cant wait to try tomorrow /thank you

H Purey says:

One of my favorite videos from you Mark. so clearly explained and helps me
believe that I have been doing the moves correctly, but just in the wrong
order. Light bulb moment just as you mentioned the shoulders starting the
downswing first. One of the best on youtube. Cheers

Mike Mclaren says:

you’re a very articulate teacher. Thanks so much for your videos

tillsy23 says:

Lately my hands have been a little out of sync and im hitting a lot of fat
shots it looks like my hips and shoulders are past impact as the club hits
the ground before the ball and my head turns away at impact with the
shoulders feels like my iron shots are right back at square one. I will try
this all week in my yard and see how it works 

Casey G says:

Thank you! I have been looking everywhere for the sequence: hips, shoulders

Dennis France says:

Mark, was very interested in your video on tempo and timing. However I
couldn’t hear all because of the noise of the wind on your microphone. 

Dipto Mukherjee says:

Absolutely true, thinking before you take a shot is important and then the
sequence, practice at the range and try to execute at the course, Great
video Mark.

texaco121 says:

A graph!? Complicate it why don’t you! Speccy twat

Andrew Thomas says:

Like this.

Jack C. Proctor says:

Really Amazing…

cbolt0290 says:

I like what mark has to say it really breaks the timing down into segments.
One thing that I have learned that helped me when putting the timing
together is to hit the ball with the point of the inside hip. What I mean
by that is if I match the placement of the head of the club with the point
of my hip with also the rotation of the hands in the swing I get an
excellent ball strike. Just remember practice, practice, practice. 

Brandon Giancola says:

Nice video Mark. I’ve found that over-swinging will throw off timing and
sequence. I find myself swinging too hard during the first couple sessions
of the year. Slowing down lets my swing fall back into place and make a
better strike.

Allen Burdett says:

marvellous. really demonstrates beautifully the three parts of the body
each contributing in their respective order and implies the weight shift
involved.does the instep of the trail foot start the downswing since the
lower body moves first ? am i right to understand that the arms really fall
(at least down to the trail knee) and then follow through, driven by the
movement forward of the hips then the shoulders ? 

amfohr says:

I actually miss something and that is the time which is usually needed to
complete a backswing. Amateurs need a long time because they do not know
how to ‘transport’ the club faster and more efficiënt to the top of the
backswing. Usually there is a to much armpower involved to drag the club to
the top of backswing position. So this is something you need to fix first.

gtflyer says:

Good stuff Mark. This video really clears thing up with regards to

Patrick Quigley says:

Good insight. It’s sort of like the catapult effect where the arm of the
catapult comes to a complete stop as it crashes against the frame allowing
the ropes that hold the flaming projectile to release with maximum power
towards the target. 

Lee Flavell says:

Hi Mark,Thanks for the videos chap i do look forward to your lessons and
Any thoughts or reviews on training aids such as Orange Whip ,Powerchute
and TrueTempo Power Whip?
Cheers Mate keep up the good work!

coco1710golf says:

U r very skilled!

DadGolf says:

I think this instruction video might have finally made things click for me.
I have been swinging a golf club wrong for 5+ years now and spent the last
1.5 years trying to correct it, I have suffered badly from an over the top
swing even though I know I should be starting the downswing with the hips,
I have just not been able to get the right tempo/timing in the
downswing…..until now, well nearly but that in just a few days of
watching this video. The explanation, video and graph analysis really put
things into perspective and have slowed my swing immensely. ..bring on the
new folf season, thanks a lot mark – brilliant.

P.S. Just bought your app and will be sending for analysis my new swing

Mark T. 

dishyduckie says:

Another one for hips first… Rounds have potential for under par until I
lose my tempo half way then pick it back up briefly later. Need something
like this for a check point. Can’t wait to try it out.

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

i didnt understand this vid 🙁

Jason Vasquez says:

Who has gotten fitted since the videos have been posted? Any input?

Kristian Hitchen says:

Love your videos Mark they are really clear you have a cool way about you
when you explain everything. Been back playing for 3 weeks and got my first
lesson this week and i have been using every thing ive seen from you on the
driving range and i think the instructor may wonder why im there. I have to
say i wish i lived near you to get lessons !!! Well done keep em

TheWeb1953 says:

Looks like a very well explained video on a very complex movement,well
done. Your drill looks like one that can be done anywhere inside or
outside,which is a bonus for excuses for not doing this drill.
Thanks Mark.

Phil says:

demonstrates why you cant teach yourself to play golf if you are serious
about your golf spend some money

birdienfool says:

Mark, Great lesson. I was looking for temp/timing videos and ran across
this. I’m a 5 handicap who has struggled lately with accuracy. I hit the
range earlier today and slowed everything down and bingo, I realized I was
overswinging, trying to hit it too hard. Slowing everything down helped me
find the sweet spot much more often and the ball travelled just as far.
Feels like the transition to half way down I’m almost in slow motion, but
then everything caught up at impact. Thanks !!

Phil Barry says:

Brilliant lesson, so very easily explained, keep up the great work.

tim arneson says:

i’d love to improve my iron game but im playing with old cheap worn irons
and i cant afford new ones. any recommendations?

David Tyrrell says:

Mark im playing golf 9 months now im playing off 19 and im 15 years old i
have a problem. I hit a slight draw with my irons and wedges but with my
lnger clubs .3 hybrid ,3 wood , and driver i hit a slice/cut i used to hit
a nice draw but in the last few weeks this has happened have you any idea
what i could be doing wrong ? thanks

leejjjjjjjj says:

Very useful just what i was looking for thanks!

randomhitt says:

Love it. Any time I get out of sorts, I use your vid to help get back into

Joshzilla1979 says:

Great video. Looking forward to trying this on the range. Pretty much all
instructors say to start the swing “in the feet”. Can you explain what this
means? Should you start your downswing by pushing from the right foot?

harry gill says:

hello mark i am 14 and have just started golf and as my birthday is coming
up i was wondering if a backgarden golf net would help improve my game.

Mark Crossfield says:

defo the more balls you hit the better you will get.

DeadTelevision says:

I’m gonna be a fucking pro in no time with all these tips, thank you Mark.

rich moloney says:

This is awesome, thanks.

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