Golf Swing Timing: Pros vs Ams

Making enough of the right “golf swing moves” isn't what keeps many golfers from playing better… it's the timing associated with making those moves. The “when” is vitally important to the success of you swing. And as we'll see in this video, knowing when to stop adding in those moves could be the best thing you do for your golf swing.

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29 thoughts on “Golf Swing Timing: Pros vs Ams

  1. I think I may be in the minority in some cases, I develop so much lag during the downswing that when I hit the ball, the club is de-lofted by about 10-15 degrees, and I wonder why I can't get the bloody ball in the air……

  2. But why is a shorter backswing better? (I know it is better; I just don’t know why.) Doesn’t it allow for a longer and more powerful swing as long as the sequence is still correct? I could see that perhaps consistency and accuracy would be improved with a shorter backswing, but power too?

  3. This is so true. This really becomes important when hitting the ball from a bad lie – when on a hill – hitting from a bunker – hitting a ball from tall /thick grass.
    It is rare when a more rotated backswing will combine with a bigger follow through; especially for players with back, and joint issues.

  4. These are great video series guys. Very well done. I wish I could watch one and not realize I have faults in every area of the swing! I definitely over rotate to the point where my right arm (I'm a lefty) bends way too much and my left elbow over flexes and gets stuck behind me. One question (request) if you don't already: It would be extremely beneficial if players could send you a video of their swing and you do one of these AMG analyses on it with some advice. I'd definitely pay for something like that. One of the most difficult aspects of the golf swing too me is the fact that 'feel ain't real.' I know when I swing in a mirror I can see that although the swing 'feels' so shortened it's actually in a much better spot than my over rotation. Anyway, thanks guys and keep 'em coming!

  5. At impact the hips of the Pro are open 33.6° vs the hips for the AM open ONLY 9.4°. Hence the AM has NOT been able to produce fast downswing. At impact Hips should be open 30-40°.

  6. 프로는 정면에서 우측견갑골이 보여야된다고 설명하는사람이 많던데 그게 아닌가보네요, 제가 알고있던 상식이랑 정 반대의 결과를 보여주니까 당혹스럽군요

  7. To me this is the most important video you have posted. All the others, showing different movements, different body positions, angles and the like are tweaks that will improve your consistency and accuracy, but if applied to a swing with poor timing and a clear overswing, they will only make a bad swing look good. I currently hold a 5.4 handicap index and have been stuck there for a long time. I have looked at video of PGA players, even ones with a slow fluid swing a la Freddie Couples, and I tried to match tempo in returning the club to the ball, and I never could come close. Freddie always beat me to the ball. But my swing looks relatively ok. After seeing this video, it became crystal clear why. All your videos are a great help, but this is the holy grail, possibly even the secret of the golf swing. Ever wonder why once in a while when you swing easy you smash it significantly further and straighter than when you try to do so? This is the reason why. When you swing easy, you don't take it back so far that everything starts breaking down. Thanks so much!!!!

  8. This video also shows a very good view from above for watching how the power (club head speed) is released through impact for the Pro and where it is lost early for the Am.

  9. Man, how many times I've said this when I was teaching. So many things in the swing are exactly right at one point and totally wrong at the other, depending on where in the sequence and timing they come. The answer is often not "more" of anything, just that thing at the right time and in the right context, preceded and followed by the right things, motivated by the right cause.

  10. It would be good to know how to get from golfer B to A! Is it just a case of feeling like you have a tiny uncoiled backswing and start turning the hips sooner?

  11. Shawn could you do a video summarizing the high level points of what you did to change your swing over the past couple years? The feelings you had to change, numbers on boditrak and gears you paid attention to, and maybe even what you did in the gym to help you get into the positions you wanted to get into.

  12. Is there a better way to learn than these Pros vs Ams videos? I think not. A picture paints a thousand words and you guys have this wired. Keep up the good work. Especially on the Pro's V Ams.

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