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You are currently watching a video about golf swing tips for how to create more power with the driver and iron, these tips will help you improve your golf and start hitting your golf clubs further.

If your intersted lessons then please visit the website Online lessons are also now available and more information will be on my website soon but for now please contact me via my social media pages.

Its still free to send in your swings to the channel for some advice on what part of your swing you should work on

This channel focusses on the golf swing and discussing in detail about the areas of the golf swing that most amateurs get wrong. Each how to video explains everything a golfer needs to know so they can improve their golf game and start lowering their scores, so wheter your trying to break 100, break 90, break 80 or break 70 then this channel will help you acheieve everything you want.

I don't rely on many if any training aids with my coaching as I beleive that the change will happen once you understand what it is your really trying to do with your golf swing and once your understanding improves then you will start to make the correct swing change, I will occasionally offer drills to do as this can often improve your feel verus perception battle and help aid your cause.

I love giving golf tips however I really enjoy helping golfers with their game and love the positive feedback about golfers who I have helped with their ball striking or driving or whatever so if you like golf tips then you should subscribe.

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I'll always try to put my swing on slow motion on the camera howver this is sometimes difficult due to the set up of my driving range and I'm often looking for privacy but I agree that seeing a Professional swing in slow motion can help golfers develop.

I do use the term perfect golf swing, not because there is a perfect golf swing or perfect backswing etc however I like to discuss options in all my videos and sgtrongly beleive there are 5 or 6 things we have to do in the golf swing but there are options for golfers to choose what they want to do which is why I feel im qualified to discuss the perfect golf swing as much as anybody else.

The areas I disucss in the golf swing are hip rotation, swing plane, upper body movements, how to gain speed in your golf swing, how to use the driver, all golf swing basics, golf swing for seniors, golf swing for irons, the elbow positions and whats the best way to swing a golf club and much more.

I also do alot of club reviews with Midlands Golf and specially Ronnie and coach at Four Ashes and a friend who helps me as I'm not the most technical person when it comes to club equipment, but we talk about what are the best golf clubs, golf bags, golf balls and even golf trollys. Everyone wants to know whats the best golf club and especailly the best driver which is why we test all of the clubs and give our opinion on what the best golf clubs are.

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We talk about the popular tournaments upcoming especailly the masters as this is a favourite for every golfer.

We do all of this from our happy home Four Ashes Golf Centre.

So if your keen on learning the best way to swing a golf club, the best latest golf wedge, or interested in online golf lessons, what have Taylormade golf launched now?, or is the latest Callaway driver acyually longer than the prevoius model?

Then press that subscribe buttion, ring those bells and join me on my journey into golf and who knowas where we'll end up.


Vinsk says:

Great video Russel. This small shift you were making just prior to your take away (and well synced I must say) looks very similar to what Henrik Stenson does. His is just a bit less fluid and more deliberate would you agree?

ShaamoneHeeHee says:

Been working on this bump move all week, the real added benefit which isn't really talked about is it's almost impossible to swing over the top and out to in if this is preformed before you start to bring the hands down. It adds the sensation of dropping the right shoulder slightly and getting the arms automatically into the slot

Nick O'Neill says:

Another great video in a great series. Thank you.

Jon Evans says:

Russell, it's seems in the slo mo of your swing (which starts at 3:40) that your right knee and hip drop briefly after impact (at 3:47). I found myself doing this recently, to protect a sore back. Do you do this to protect your back or is it something to do with releasing your right side?

Frederick Denault says:

Awesome Russell!  Been golfing for years but never really grasped the correct concept of weight shift and hip rotation until watching your current series on breaking down on how the hips actually work in the swing.  This has been an eye-opener and it has totally changed my mechanics.  You CAN teach old dogs new tricks!  I've been really working hard on the shift load to the right hip, moving the left hip separately, shift pressure to the left, squat move, and hip rotation.  It takes a lot of work and repetition, especially when one has been doing it wrong for so long (haha).  But the results are staggering to say the least.  Better contact, better consistency, better ball flight, better distance.  It has really shown where it counts most, on the course.  I've gained a new sense of interest in practicing when incorporating your instructions.  Looking forward to the upcoming conclusion on hips and your instructional on footwork!  Thanks a million!


such a lot to learn, great tuition series Russell, thanks

Terry Brett says:

Great video

Dave Wade says:

Just come in from playing to see this video and strangely it is exactly the move I have been trying to incorporate over the past few days having seen it in other places on the channel. I can certainly feel the momentum change and although this is work in progress in conjunction with the other content in this series, I can honestly say that I have never hit shots so solid before, particularly with the irons which has always been a weakness. At first, the weightshift forward whilst still going to the top on the backswing felt very strange and awkward but now is starting to feel very natural as it should. Great series Russell….

John 015 says:

Thanks Russ! Question: what’s your opinion ‘bout the DST impact curtain and the “bend” compressor club?

Paul C says:

Really good. Here's how I view it. If you go to the top properly and freeze, the lead shoulder is lower than the trail shoulder, you have pressure shifted 80-90 percent of your weight into the inside of the trail leg and foot. If you freeze it at the pressure shift or the "drift" forward, the shoulders are oriented that same way they were at the top, lead shoulder lower, belt buckle facing ground, pelvis also, torso still closed to target. Now you are fully loaded on the left leg and can trigger transition. You have saved all this range of motion and can fire from there. So it's not a hip bump, leaving the torso behind, which can destroy tempo and timing. It is like you say a micro move, if you will, but so powerful. Feel vs real. Like this guy. Seven iron 190 yards.

David Ciccoritti says:

? While I agree it's a shift of pressure, to me it feels like I'm bracing for a powerful release. The concept of weight shift and getting to your lead side does not work for me because I simply overdo it. Really enjoying your videos and your swing 🙂

Robbie 837 says:

Great content Russell you make it look so easy.

Mr. Kareem Genes says:

Good stuff!

Gary Walker says:

Another really helpful video Russ. These hip rotation videos have completely straightened my shots. No more slices or chicken wings!! One thing I noticed is that I think there is almost no lateral movement but on video there is a lot. Still working on that. Thanks again!

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