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Sandy Tim says:

This is the only man I listen to on YouTube. At 56 years old I’m three years into my golf journey and I’ve been searching for a natural swing. All my previous instruction (Youtube and one to one) has tried to transfer my weight onto the front foot on the downswing and BOY have I struggled to rotate. If I did rotate I came over the top and if I didn’t then my arms took over. GG opened the door and now I’m loving my golf. I’m not saying I have a finished swing but I feel I now have a place to move forward from. I wish I could have a one to one lesson but I’m in the uk. Thank you GG ??

Aleksey Lavochin says:

Best instructor besides butch

JustGolfSwing says:

Have I mentioned this. You are the best coach on YouTube!!

randy underwood says:

i'm trying to learn that move you teach with the legs. i wish i had someone to squat down behind me to turn my legs. too many years of bad habits to over come? maybe not. i'm just thinking of rolling my left ankle in on the back swing and rolling it to the outside at transition. i wish i had the time and $$ to come out there and see you

G P says:

GG is just awesome again

Tigersmundo says:

Bruh bruh you so chill unnngggaaa…."Send that to yourself and Jack."

Steve Stampbach says:

The guy has one of the world's best teaching instructors giving him tips, and he has head phones in… I'll bet he goes to the Louvre and is on his cell phone.

wynne baker says:

Great video! Will that sequence fix hooks?

keith divel says:

How come whenever I rotate my hips u describe, I end up pulling it! Is it because my shoulder and top half are too open?

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