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Philip Palmer says:

Jakey in beast mode !!


That dude has a sweet swing

Shon S says:

I have the same exact problem. At contact my legs are extended causing my trail arm to be straight at ball contact rather than bent at contact. I'm already a member of your online coaching program, which drill should I focus on? As there are so many drills in your program. Thanks!

halim fusianto says:

He will be a good teacher.

Neil Smith says:

Hands down the best video from GGSwingtips I have seen, and I've seen alot! Full explanation of how to FIX one issue, not focusing on the mechanics of why a fault happens. Excellent work!

Straycat Annie says:

Jake is great at that "ass around" move. Practice make permanent!!!

Ron F says:

Some good JJswingTips

Steve Olander says:

I have this same exact problem but even worse rotation. I would be a project for sure. Liked the lesson. Nice job.

Brett Zenewicz says:

Good work Jake

Paul Malone says:

Nice team uniform Jake good teach ?

Joe Clark says:

This video was so good. Jake has an incredible knowledge of the principals of the golf swing and what George teaches at such a young age. Would love to take a lesson from him now before he becomes big time and starts charging the big bucks that he deserves. Well done man

1cleandude says:

Really good job Jake; just don't shy away from the camera!! Look straight into it like master GG; own it Dog!! Thanks!!

alan p says:

jake got some sweet lines "thats about it" , "tryna do, gimme da do" pretty sure at 2:05 he is digging deep hahahah

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