Golf Swing Tips – Stack and Tilt

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In this video TG Elite Teaching Professional James Ridyard looks at the stack and tilt fundamentals. This episode (1/3) introduces you to a revolutionary swing model that the inventors, American pros Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer claim is ‘remaking golf'. This first stack and tilt video looks at ball striking.

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Darcy C says:

This guide “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) presented me Golf swing lessons. They create a custom model based on your arm length, height, shoulder width, club length, etc. Before taking the lessons, my handicap is 12 but right after finishing them I was able to reach Fifteen.

Ashton H says:

When I started out, my normal drive was about 150 yards and a slice. I read “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) and discovered golf swing secrets. Thanks to the guide, hitting drives 220 yards and sometimes longer is achievable for me. My handicap has gone from a 26 to a 16. Search the guide and try using it today.

Camore M says:

When I read golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google), I uncovered how detailed it explains the correct way of performing a golf swing. The book is based off of the swing model of all tour pros put together. I have read 1/2 of this book and also the ideas are perfect. Reading this book allowed me to score Three straight low 80s rounds.

Brett T says:

This guide “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) introduced me Golf swing lessons. They use important information like your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to create a model ideal for you. Before you take the lessons, my handicap is 12 but right after finishing them I was able to reach 15.

Ashton H says:

As I read golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google), I uncovered how comprehensive it explains the correct way of doing a golf swing. The book tells the specific skills and swing techniques utilized by all golf tournament experts. I`m still halfway in reading the book however I could say that the tips are extremely useful. Looking over this book allowed me to score 3 straight low 80s rounds.

over opinionated says:

SNT ruined Aaron Baddeley
lad can putt & chip though

over opinionated says:

I prefer the GRIP & RIP

SaiDaiOh says:

Warning: Using this golf swing will seriously damage your leading leg and lower back, as well as lowering average distance and accuracy, as demonstrated by Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie.

Thomas K says:

Thanks for the video. My contact with the ball improved dramatically, however, I'm pushing every ball slightly right. Do you have any recommendations ?

Tom Harkness says:

I found out about this method some 2 months ago and watched this video and every other video I could find and self taught myself.  I cant tell you how much it improved my iron play and how crisp I am now hitting shots, consistently.  Still working on it with the driver and getting closer to finding my proper technique with it. Its a bit different for me with the driver vs the irons.  My biggest weakness before was too much sway in my hips and legs and this technique has helped me with staying centered and not swaying.

Darren Hopwood says:

Oh and an abusive email isn't usually the best start with Me Ken for future reference ?

Darren Hopwood says:

Hey Ken ….still alive and well I see and still you have such a complete life 😉 I chose not to discuss any further with you due to the tone you used AND continued to use when we made initial contact. As before judging by this thread you choose not to listen but insist on ramming your opinions down others throats. I wish you well in pursuit of someone who will listen and cares.

Kenneth McAnally says:

For JamesParkerGolf, I got this in an email from one of the two 'inventors' of this crappy method…. ". The biomechanical model of turning around a stable hub demands a 3 dimensional description of how the spine works. 2 of those dimensions extending and side bending are not part of the traditional description. By default, only turning the thorax in anatomical flexion translates the golfer to the right. We use torque about a stable hub while creating a ground force vector akin to a jumper by extending and side tilting.” Can't imagine why S&T is failing can you ?. And I suppose, like DH, the only 'educated' golfers are the S&T fanatics…?

Kenneth McAnally says:

"…..most of the greatest players in history have demonstrated much of the moves " …?. Really ?. you sound like one of these 'ideological nutters' like DH who say let's take bits of everyone's swing, glue them together and say, "….there you are." You guys are even willing to fake Driver swings, saying that it "hits the ball well" but privately you know that with the weight so far forward you HAVE to jerk the head to the rear through impact….study DH's Driver swing on YouTube. Holy Moses…are you guys on drugs ?. Or are you so committed to it that, reputation and finance wise, that you can't let go ?. Face facts….S&T is dead…let it go…or maybe there is a new version coming out Stack and High Intensity Tilt ( SHIT for short…but hopefully not for much longer.)

JamesParkerGolf says:

It makes me laugh when I read comments below like "do this, if you want to screw up your swing like Tiger did".. Come on! Uneducated comments from uneducated golfers..

I first read the book (S&T) a few years ago, and it transformed the way I now swing the club, play the game and teach it to others. This lead me down the rabbit hole to a book called "The Golfing Machine" by Homer Kelley. Study That, and you'll have a great idea of what the S&T swing is all about. Plus, as mentioned in the book – most of the greatest players in history have demonstrated much of the moves prescribed.

Excellent video James, thanks for sharing.

brad stecklein says:

EXCELLENT VIDEO  How far this system has come!  I wonder why so many Tour coaches are S&T friendly or S&T trained?  Let's separate fact from fiction for a moment.  Do all top players have control over their low point?  Do they hit the ball far enough to tackle demanding courses?  Do they control the curvature of their ball?  These are fundamental to expert golf and they are the fundamentals of S&T.  Not Controversial, agreed?  Do tour players by and large employ a centered pivot?  Do they keep their arms straight?  Do they tuck their tush under their torso at the finish?  Do they extend their spines back and thru?  Anybody notice that a couple of the most viewed instructors on YouTube have adopted S&T?!  Even Martin Hall is a believer!  HERE'S THE STRAIGHT DOPE, FOLKS!  Stack and Tilt is STANDARD.  If you want to challenge it, go ahead.  Keep it professional and we will answer your questions.  Don't listen to keyboard, gutter-snipes who can't break 80.  READ THE BOOK.  Form your own opinions.  I teach the system and swing the system.  i can murder a 3 iron and 3 wood.  When i teach i don't tell people they can't have weight on their right foot at the top–neither does the system.     

Naveen Jaganathan says:

Do this, if you want to screw up your swing like Tiger did.

justpar2012 says:

Don't demonstrate what "not to do". Show us what "to do".

Kevin Doe says:

I agree. There is nothing constructive to say about stack and tilt, other than you keeping real instructors busy correcting your students swings.

Gary Lewis says:

If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say anything please.

Kevin Doe says:

Please don't teach people how to play golf.

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