Golf Tech – Samsung Gear S3 and GolfPad GPS Review

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Last time, we took a look at the Gear S3 utility for the everyday golfer with Golf Navi. Now, we take a look at the Samsung Gear S3 and the GolfPad GPS smartwatch and phone application.

Can the Gear S3 provide a Golf Degenerate a useful golf gadget to get around the course? Let's take a look at the Gear S3 and GolfPad GPS!

Conclusion: Both apps have their pros and cons. I like the native phone application, as it's very data driven. Lots of stuff there. The watch app I'm less enthused about. Only in the sense that if I have to be so dependent upon the phone — I don't see a reason to use the watch as well. I did use the watch strictly as a shot counter — which meant I had to tag my clubs post mortem — but that's a limited use case. Final verdict — I'll keep using the phone app primarily, with the watch solely as a range finder!

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Michel Girton says:

Hey if u use the golf pad link with the tags assigned to your clubs, it takes all the extra work of cleaning up, out of the equation. Cheers

AdlyAirTec says:

So its not possible to choose a club from smartwatch before shot?

Evan Bradley says:

Thanks! I'd be interested to see an updated review that also uses the GolfPad tags or the new GolfPad LINK when it's available. I think the tags/LINK would pretty much eliminate the need for all/most of the cleanup required after the round.

dawktah2 says:

I use app and its designed to work with the tags that go in the end of the club. Did you have to phone in your pocket or in the cart?

BuiTraining says:

any idea how well this works on the Gear Fit2?

Carolina Scotsman says:

I'm curious if you've tried the fenix 3 hr, if so how does it fair against the s3???

Jullian Claydon says:

Another great review on the gear s3 watch and software unfortunately another app that cannot be used in a comp like a normal golf gps watch like the garmin s6. Do you know of any apps that are competition friendly for the gear s3

TopTechKids says:

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