GOLF: The Best Golf Swing Ever?? – Viktor Hovland Swing Analysis

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GOLF: The Best Golf Swing Ever?? – Viktor Hovland Swing Analysis

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In this video I’m giving you a detailed analysis of Viktor Hovland’s golf swing – because I happen to think may be the best golf swing on the planet (and maybe ever).

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Stabilis88 says:

Been watching this lad since amateur. Always rated him, Extremely nice person too. Gave morikowa a good game on Sunday.. unfortunately we ( Europe ) need another 3-4 young players like Viktor because we're gunna get whooped in the next 10 years in upcoming Ryder cups.

Team USA's performance was extraordinary.

Freakin Creeks says:

No looks just like djs

Jacob R says:

Best swing ever? 😆 Is that a thing? Sounds like you think it might be. I would give it an 8/10. Time will tell if it's consistent and/or injury causing.

JP says:

how could this be the best golf swing ever?? on the backswing he is out of plane breaking the “pane of glass” and in the downswing he is also steep, this is not an efficient swing, very misleading video here

Invest Smarter with DeWitt Capital Management says:

This sounds just like George gankas. Copying him??

Brady Kelley says:

Viktor will win a major in his career

Barry Martin says:

Shame his short game is very poor.

Francisco DeBarros says:

Looks like Brooks K to me.

Mark Smith says:

Ok so how do I get strong enough to do these moves

Courtney Hallcy says:

Wonder how many people are back here after he bagged another win?

Daniel LeBlanc says:

It’s funny cause I used to have that bowed lead wrist when I first started golf and everyone told me to change it and now I’m struggling to find the feel with it again!

Saab Tech says:

I've studied Lee Trevino for years and find it interesting that I see some of his key elements in Dustin Johnson, and now in Morikawa and Hovland. The bowed left wrist, and non-rotating clubface, enables the pivot to rotate like mad through impact, without worry that the clubface has to be timed. It is never rolled open and closed. It's orientation never actually changes. But an often overlooked element in attempting to use this method, is the grip. It has to be just right. To find that perfect grip, put the club up in the air in front of you at about 45 degree angle, form your left hand and place it on the club with the thumb about 45 degrees right of center. (medium strong) Now rotate the club counterclockwise to full physical stop. Now place the right hand on after rotating the right hand counterclockwise to full stop. (Both hands are at full physical stop.) Now when you rotate the club to normal and set it down to check, the right elbow should feel like it wants to move slightly toward your left arm. Also, the clubface should be neutral, not opening or closing. The hands don't fight one another. That's it. Your hands, forearms, and club are now a perfect solid assembly that don't have to do anything. The rest is a proper pivot….another story.

Torbjørn Wiken says:

Just watched this after watching yesterdays day 3 of the Workday Charity tournament. Hovlands iron and driver/wood striking is just amazing! I dont think there are many that can match his straightnes of the tee! Not a lot of missed fairways. I just think this prove your statement 🙂

radar0412 says:

Freddy, Adam Scott, KJ, Stuart Cink, and Rory with the Driver.

Andrew B says:

He is shutting the clubface and severely bowing his left wrist to keep from yanking it into left field. Nowhere close to a modern perfect swing

Fintech says:

Sorry but Rory or tiger got better swings.

Ryan Little says:

This will be a video you can reference in a couple years when he is #1 in the world. Definitely an “I told you so” video.

Michael Powers says:

Hovland is super talented, no doubt, but this is not even close to the best golf swing ever.

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