GOLF: The Best Golf Training Aid I've Ever Seen!

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The Best Golf Training Aid I’ve Ever Seen!

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You can watch my review of the original version of Live View Golf here


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I’m really excited to share my review of the Live View Golf Digital Swing Mirror, one of the coolest golf training aids I’ve seen in a long time!

It was Awarded Golf Digest Editor's Choice for “Best Video Camera” for golfers and allows you to see your swing in real time as you are practicing.

It’s super easy to use. You can connect to the camera and start seeing your video right away. No internet connection is required. Just turn on your camera, connect to the camera hotspot and launch the Live View Golf app.


Live View Golf is ultra portable too. The rechargeable battery provides 3 hours of continuous use and can be charged during operation.

Live View Golf is designed to clip to an alignment rod-something a lot of golfers already have in their bags. (If you don’t have an alignment rod yet, you can pick one up at your local golf store or pro shop. Our favorite trick is to use driveway markers from a home improvement store for like $1.99).

Live View Golf Digital Swing Mirror Features;

•Digital Swing Guides – superimpose digital swing objects to guide movements intuitively.

•Automatic Swing Record – record every swing without touching the phone or tablet.

•Easy Sharing – trim, e-mail and share swing videos directly from the app.

•Mirror Mode – front-facing video in mirror mode matches live swing movements.

•Multi-Client – connect up to 3 devices to each camera so a coach can see what the student sees.

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JustJames says:

Sounds good Eric, but although you say it's under $200 their website says $349 and even with a 'discount' of $40 thats' still over $300, so what gives?

Deadly Mantis says:

I've used my go pro in the exact same way.. Live feed straight to my phone/iPad

Paul G says:

Cool device. I’ve also used my iPhone and iPad (wife’s) together to do the same thing using FaceTime. Use different addresses and mute the mic to avoid feedback squeal.

Marc Chitryn says:

I'm not clear about whether it records the swing because when you record it its just not the same….essential to stop and look back and review……is this possible please?

Mister Pajamas says:

This was great, I have been researching "putting drills to do at home" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Graysonyon Putter Prolific – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

Overall Aerial Imaging says:

where are you located?

Overall Aerial Imaging says:

Thanks Eric, I just bought the camera with the discount of no cost for Tripod. Appreciate it. I coach HS golf team here in Philly area and this will really help as well as help my game. I was a PGA professional in the late 80's early 90's, wish we had this technology.

Craig Turner says:

I have one and this is the best training aid I have ever used. It works as advertised and it is very user friendly. Very intuitive. It's awesome. For the cost of a few lessons, I can teach myself positions and movements at my own leisure. I have not had any problem with my camera as per the prior comment. I disagree with the comment to not buy it. Nothing else I know works as you're making the movements like this device. You can record you swing and go back to look at it, but this is real-time. Works even better with a tablet. It's really great!

Steve Olander says:

I have this product. Something happened with camera and a weird pattern developed. Contacted Live View and sent them a screen shot. They wanted my order number. I didn’t have it asked them if they could find it and never heard from them again. Horrible device. Do not buy it.

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