GOLF: The Best Rotation Drill I've Ever Seen!

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jan galang says:

Hello and thank you for your video. Started golf 3 months ago and after a lesson i was using my arms and not legs/hips. After practicing ive been opening up too quickly and pushing the ball to the right. Whats the best exercise for that? Thank you in advance!

Wes Renguso says:

Great video Eric, my only question would be any thought to avoid from my brain telling me I’m going to hit the ball left?

ਈਸਟ ਕੋਸਟ ਵਾਲੇ says:

That is why they say “ Hips don’t lie.”

Simmo says:

Thanks I’ve been trying to move hips quickly which I associate with speed/distance

chillier says:

Interesting set up! Thanks

Peter Albertsson says:

Missing a big piece… backswing should feel that you sinking, building into lower your legs, aka shot put or hammer throw, downswing explode up while rotating, then focus on arms max extended, down in and crossed over after impact.

jaydotcee says:

Who the f*** has an alignment rod lying around?!

Steve M says:

What about for a driver? You’re not delofting right?

Christopher Wilson says:

I tend to be to much rotated at impact wich makes my trail leg turn and come through early

s f says:

great video bit it's "works well" not "good"

Chance BurchickMusic says:

So one of my big issues is rotation, but I’m noticing that I’m getting my hips through and opened up on my downswing, but I’m not rotating enough in my backswing. Could I do an inverse version of this drill in my backswing and it have a positive effect?

Peter Wietrak says:

Thanks for this drill! I went out on the course after working on this and was consistently pushing the ball. Is that common from this drill and any ideas on how to fix it?

Bruce Heysse says:

I've taken many lessons through the years, but nobody has explained the proper sequence of rotation better. Taking a student from concept to feel in the golf swing is difficult and takes practice to form correct swing habits. This video allows the student to practice independently, when the eyes of her/his instructor are not present, but provides a check point that reinforces proper technique when practicing with a specific purpose in mind.

Glen Frazer says:

Key part for me was lead hip rotating back "sooner" rather than "faster". A key point for me. I think I was getting into a mindset of fire that left hip back and around as fast as possible to get speed. But it can become this wild movement that is not controlled. Sooner was such a key point you made. Thank you. And I really like the humble way you teach. Thank you.

Jim Gallaher says:

Where should the shoulders be rotated to at impact compared to the hips. I've never been able to compress the ball very well because I watch players on TV and it seems like their shoulders are almost square to the ball at impact. So I think I'm not rotating my shoulders enough, which causes me to hit behind the ball.

UglyWeeds Texas says:

Nice rotation drill. Thx

Nik Bando Golf says:

Thanks Eric! Loved this

Matt says:

What advice would you give to someone who clears lower body well but has a problem rotating the upper body and getting stuck?

R2d2 says:

Eric.great video. I am working on squatting move with my right knee to get the rotary feel. Is this right?

Wesley Budd says:

Eric, how far do you want the practice rod to go inside during your back swing? Thanks so much.

Robert Dona says:

Hi Eric love your videos . Question can too much hip turn on the back swing make it difficult to get the club in the proper slot on the down swing . Also make your club cross the line over your shoulder. These are things I am fighting. Would love a reply thank you Rob

Mrcz Z says:

Hips should be square at impact, hands and left arm in line with left leg, not right. Look at T woods at impact

Andrew Hershberger says:

This might be one of the best drills I have ever used! Forever I have hit behind the ball…watched a ton of videos on how to fix it. I knew I wasn’t rotating my hips but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Just tried this with 6 balls and hit them all clean!! Thanks for showing me this drill. I will keep using it until it’s set in my muscle memory 👍🏻

Ragg mufin says:

I feel like my weight is hanging back a little with this. Is that right? Fantastic find BTW!

Seokhwan Park says:

Dude, this video is just what I need to work on my body release! Thanks.

Alan King says:

I've tried this Eric and I'm doing something wrong as I spin out all the time ?

Larry A says:

I would imagine lack of rotation is the biggest culprit in my impact woes (mostly fat, some thin, terribly inconsistent). For those of us who are now seniors and have way more waistline than we did 40 years ago, what’s the best way to work on the turn-through, BESIDES going on a diet and trimming down. Ha.

e99783 says:

Open the body first, then swing the arms, correct?

Pieter Van Der Vyver says:

Thank u Prof Eric Where must the putting stick point?? Up or Down at the different p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 Thank U sir for yre private time p:)

russell engelhardt says:

I've commented once ,but I have to again.I'm an old guy your vids have given me a new game,thanks !!

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