GOLF: The Best Way To Start Your Downswing

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The Best Way To Start Your Downswing

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The focus of this video is whether you should you start your downswing with your arms and hands or with your body. And I want to explain why, overall, I don't recommend pulling down from the top.

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When I make a downswing – from the top of my backswing – it's more or less a race between my body and the club. The quicker or sooner or more I get my arms and hands in front of my body from the top, the less time I have to open my body. The opposite is also true. The sooner or more I can get my body open before my arms and hands come down, the greater chance that I have of getting my body open.

Here's the problem, your body really can't get a head-start. What you need to do is slow your arms and hands down. If I can't get a head start with my body, I can leave my arms and hands back and get my body going,

Issue number two when I pull the club down is that the shaft tends to steepen because I'm pulling the grip downward. How can I get the shaft to lay down more? Do the opposite of pulling your arms and hands down from the top, which would be leaving them back up.

For the majority of people, the pull down does not create good movements. It usually creates steep and doesn’t allow enough time for your body to open up.

In a golf swing, there's a blend. My arms and hands are coming down as I go. Understand there is no black or white.You can feel whatever you want to feel so long as you produce a desired end result.


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Michael McFadden says:

I find it hard to have a lot of rotation and get the shaft coming down on plane so my hands return to their original setup position. I use a slight bump to the left which drops my hands and arms and then post up on my left leg which gets me rotating and brings the hand arm unit back to its original position with a square face. Is that sound on the right track? My problem is lack of Club head speed and my irons seem like they go about the same distance. any suggestions?

Mark Ringland says:

Hi Eric
In downswing my right shoulder drops, my head goes away from target slightly, club is steep even though wrist cock good and back of left hand not moving round and down to ball to compress it. I find I’m unable in this position to open body so good tip about delaying hands and arms.

max welter says:

Hi Eric no matter how I turn & move in the downswing I am always losing my arms behind the body! Can't get the feeling to have the arms in front of my body?. Result early extension jumping into the ball ?

Jason Troutman says:

A question, if you wanted to give the body a head start at the start of the downswing should you feel an increased pressure between the left bicep and your left pec?
I think a common misconception i have is that you want to separate the left bicep early from the chest and also clear your shoulder from your chin in a way “open up”?

Marc Chitryn says:

Another excellent video. In my experience the skill in teaching golf is in the communication and by that I mean not just great explanation but also learner interpretation which is where it tends to go wrong. Eric addresses this superbly well so that the clear messages are properly understood ? thanks

Eric Ang says:

Thanks for your video, I have a question about that, if I start with body rotation and leave my arms behind, my attack angle has a tendency to hit out to in, as a result my body rotates way too fast before i complete my release, i can see that when i take a video of my swing DTL, any advice on that? What i do to fix that is trying to hold my body rotation as slow as possible.

B2B Bogey says:

General rule would be body rotation. More strength and power. A boxing jab would never move a sandbag. Though there will always be an exception as it is for everything. Nice vid?

Garry Major says:

Brilliant I feel the hand path closer to my legs rather than out to the ball as I put pressure in to my left leg low and left squares up club face very good coaching videos many thankd

Zam 121 says:

4:05 truee, I just began to play golf and watched some of your videos. For the first two days on the course, I constantly kept topping the ball. After using these tips I saw a drastic improvement thanks for your help man keep up the great work!

jballoregon says:

Looking at face on helps to analyze how much hip slide, head movement, reverse tilt there is in transition. For instance, I always have a tendency to move so much lateral from the top that my rear foot will often be off the ground at impact, head moves forward never reverses back to the start position. Therefore I need the Justin Rose drill. If I don't "feel" like my hands and arms drop behind me from the top I can't center my pivot. You offset the steepening of the shaft with trail side bend to keep the COM behind the body. Ultimately, transition is difficult to fix because its 100% dependent on how you have loaded in the first place.

John Nursall says:

Eric, a wonderful, intelligent presentation. So much of online instruction seems to over-exaggerate a particular facet of the swing — a "secret" to the swing. So good to hear someone say it's a middle road — not exaggerated in any way. Don't you wish our politicians could learn something from golf? Ha!

Glenn Watson says:

I like your idea of a head start for the hips I definitely hit better if I start with the hips. Its just a fraction of a second head-start. The trick is how big of a fraction.

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