GOLF: The Perfect Way To Start The Backswing

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The Perfect Way To Start The Backswing
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I get a lot of questions on how to start the backswing. So, I want to just give you my thoughts on how to build a system with starting the backswing and how to practice.

Let's break the takeaway into two parts. Part one is what do I do from setup to the time my hands get to my right thigh? Part two is what do I do from right thigh until the club is parallel to the ground?

What I'm really focused on for my setup position to that first part of the takeaway is getting the club head to move back and club to move back primarily with my arms, shoulders, and bigger torso muscles. I'm not looking to have a lot of hip turn and body turn right away. I don't even want to turn my shoulders all that much. I'm just trying to get the club head moving in space a little bit here. My wrist angles aren't changing conditions drastically at this point. It's an arm and shoulder move.

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To practice this, I take my set up and get some motion going. I would focus on just that move – getting the butt of the club moving laterally.

To go from part one to part two, I'm going to add a little hinge. My right arm is going to bend a little and now my body's turning.
When I get to the point where the club is parallel to the ground, I'd like to see the club head even with my hands or slightly outside of my hands and I want to see this club face tilted down slightly. The two big things that could jack up your takeaway would be too much form rotation and too much – or not enough – hinge.

I would learn to start your backswing like this – especially during the wintertime. It’s a great way to build a foundation to your swing and gives you a checkpoint measurement system.


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Kall Ramanathan says:

Super lesson! I am a single-digit HC. But being a natural leftie who plays golf right-handed, I have a big problem with the takeaway. Thanks for this lesson – I am going to work my butt off this tip / drill. ??

Graham Smyth says:

I play off 10 and been aiming for single figures but in my lessons the takeaway has been my biggest issue. This has broken it down perfectly for me. Great video and works perfectly

Roy & Lynda O'Bryan says:

Thanks! I really like your instruction methodology. I am 83-years old and I feel that you have helped me a lot to get back in the swing of things! I have had to ‘lay off’ golf this past year due to a Rotator Cuff injury. I still have high hopes of constantly hitting my 3-wood 230 + yards again, but I am not there yet! Could you include some ‘slow motion’ videos of the full swing, concentrating as you have on posture, legs, rotation, arms, wrists and hand throughout the swing to finish?
Thanks so much, Roy

Sammie Aldana says:

What is the grip pressure?

Tom Bain says:

Eric you have been subjected to much flattery for your teaching style, a good share from me! Have some more! That was just brilliant, the pace and content delivery. I'm betting you'll be getting a lot of great Father's Day cards! Cheers Tom from England

Grégoire Zwissig says:

Thank you for this video! It seems to me that an important key is not to engage/move the lower body/hip first but only later after half swing? Isn't it? That's my problem…

Rajeev Shetty says:

Very helpful and well explained. Thanks!

a2fitness says:

Great video! Whats your opinion on very little wrist hinge like bryson dechambeu or steve stricker? Ive been experimenting and it seems to help me quiet my hands as I seem to overcock at the top of the swing.

Adam Martin says:

I keep it simple. To start my swing, I use a swing trigger. This basically allows a smooth start rather than a hurried and rushed backswing. My trigger is a bounce of the club up and down immediately before I start my swing. Though I might begin to forward press.

valderja says:

Nice tips to build up the fundamentals.

Stewart Barnes says:

Any tips on how to stop the left bicep separating from the chest on move 1? Arm separation/disconnect. This has been very difficult for me to change over many years.

Gerard Polakowski says:

Excellent, the 2 steps in the takeaway I have incorporated into my pre-shot routine. these are the only swings I am doing right now going through my bag. Results are awesome. Solid Contact, I am amazing myself with the distance I am hitting balls at less than half swing with less than 5 yards dispersion. Hybrids boom, irons boom, wedges boom, will start with driver same way. Once mastered I will increase swing to half, then 3/4, then full. I am on the road to golf greatness. Thanks!

steve perry says:

this helped me because i was turning too early and too quickly and getting too far inside. now i'm in a much better position, thnx eric.

Wen Bray says:

As always , great video, to the point, no BS. To me Eric and Russell Heritage the best around they make their point nothing more, nothing less. Well done gents.

Dollar Bill Clinton says:

Shout out to MARY

Dollar Bill Clinton says:

Your the perfect teacher for my game,your explanation and demonstration is ON! Best instructions on the Interweb

alan carlyon says:

Another great video Eric as usual! How you break one part of the golf swing into two parts which makes it so easy for one to understand and being able to take it in (on board) The takeaway to me and I bet with others is the take away, I would say is the most hardest part of the golf swing! Many thanks for this advice Eric, it now puts my doubts at rest about my own backswing, now I look forward to my next game!

Garth Gamble says:

???? Thanks!

6string - Dave says:

Clear, concise, detailed instruction! What more can be said about a good takeaway? Nothing!

Bob K. says:

Do you feel more left or right side moving the club back? Or does it matter?

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