GOLF: The Secret To Getting On Plane And Hitting Your Shots More Solid

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The Secret To Getting On Plane
And Hitting Your Shots More Solid

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The key to hitting the ball solid and hitting it in the middle of the clubface is – at impact – getting the golf club back on the plane where you started.

Many of the problems I see – hitting off the toe or heel or direction misses – come from a swing plane issue. If we can get your club back on plane, the odds of you hitting the ball more solid and more straight increase A LOT.

In this video I go over how exactly you get the club back on plane (it’ll depend where you are coming from!) and show examples of how Hideki Matsuyama, Adam Scott, Brooks Koepka and Bubba Watson all do this despite the fact they have very different golf swings.

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Marc Chitryn says:

Cogorno Golf simply the best YouTube golf coach?

Alan Keith says:

Loved the video. Is it possible for you to do a part 2 to this video showing how to exit still on the plane line as all really good golfers seem to do. I have been trying to exit the club through the middle of the back instead I exit inside my left shoulder, oh so high, and way off the plane line.

Lee Comeaux Golf says:

A golf shafts round there is no such a thing as off plane. Happy Easter Eric . Love your passion

Michael Parsons says:

Great video! Like how you made Bubba a righty

LEWIS Dennison says:

you really explained that well and made it simple

Robert Ojeda says:

If is not too much trouble, i would like your feedback,
I’m interested to know if the lead knee on the golf swing transition would have enough force to cause strain and ultimately damage the knee.
I have notice that when I swing the lead foot wants to turn 90* to my target and since I’m not able to, would this cause a knee injury on my lead knee?

I would very much appreciate your answers.

DsevenO says:

Can't speak for anyone else, but when I get my hips too active too early I can't get the club back on plane. I have to be very patient and let the club get back in front of me before I fully release my hips.

HapaOhio says:

Great communication skills

AwoLDude69 says:

Brilliant video again!!!
Playing today and started off hitting nice draws. Later into the round it became a pull hook. Would I be right to think keeping more on plane or under it would get rid of the pulls ??

Jlarios06 says:

Lost me at “the secret…” no secrets in golf.

Marcus Dantinne says:

Great video. I've recently found that as long as my left arm stays closer to my chest & my right shoulder keeps moving through impact, my wrists & arms being loose & "supination" comes into play I'm gold! ??️‍♂️?

Johnny Hicks says:

Explains what I have not been doing.
Many thanks.

Ron Williams says:

Excellent Eric, you are a great communicator. Have a look at Tour Striker Plane Station… awesome.


rackum44 says:

Nice video Eric I am a little surprised you didn't say anything about how the right elbow rides down the shaft plane also

Jay Schwarz says:

EC- if someone needs to shallow the club, what do you think is the easiest way to accomplish it?

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