GOLF: The Secret To How The Right Wrist Works In The Golf Swing

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16 thoughts on “GOLF: The Secret To How The Right Wrist Works In The Golf Swing

  1. Great video Eric (again). I've been working on my bent right wrist for a while now and i find that my right elbow is kind a twisting inside and toward the ground. Makes me feel like i'am under throwing a baseball. Is it a good feeling? Should i avoid it what do you think? BTW i'am not bless with you're wrist flexibility. I can only bend mine about 30 degrees. Again thank you for you're time Eric. You are simply the best!

  2. Ok, I get the point that you want us to try to keep the wrist angle through into follow through… I assume because it is an exaggeration needed to correct for the opposite problem, as you illustrated earlier in the video. But at ~8:35 or so when you hit a ball, your wrist is clearly released/flexed at the completion of that stroke, so obviously a release does eventually happen. Can you explain HOW the right wrist works as it "releases?" Is there just a palmar flexion of the wrist? Or is there also rotation of that wrist forearm?

  3. This is what should be taught very early for anyone learning golf … you learn and practice this and 80% + of your golf swing is set for life! Eric, this is your best video ever. I have been watching hundreds of videos for many years and had many golf lessons… without much success , switching my swing to too many complicate tips. This is the Saint Graal of golf !!!
    Claude … from Montreal,QC.

  4. Realized at the range today that instead of focusing on flat left wrist, focus on flexing the right wrist accomplishes the same and is easier. Came home, searched for "right wrist in backswing" and this video came up. Thank you for confirming and explaining how it works!

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