GOLF: The Two Best Feels To Fix Your Early Extension

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The Two Best Feels To Fix Your Early Extension

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Early extension is when your hips and pelvis kick in towards the ball from the top of the backswing to impact. Good golfers do still extend a lot, but they do it AFTER they rotate in the downswing.

There are two issues correlated with early extension. When you early extend, it's really hard to rotate. The second piece is how your arms and hands react to that chest movement. My arms and the length of my arms and my wrists are going to react to where my chest and upper body are. If my chest gets farther away from the ground, my arms are going to lengthen, and my wrist is going to unhinge literally just so I can hit the ball.

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Feel and fix number one is about body motion. If you really extend from the top, you need to bend your knees more and get your chest closer to the ground. How far down should you go If you early extend? Probably as far as you can.

If we have the body motion getting closer to the ground, knees bending, chest down, that's part one. Part two is what your hands do. When you guys and gals early extend from the top you're getting farther from the ball, and your arms and hands are extending. Your shaft angle gets very vertical and wrists are unhinged. So, the feel here is the opposite of that. The opposite of vertical is more horizontal – or lower -and the opposite of unhinged is hinged.

Just to reiterate, there are two basic parts of this. Part number one is the body motion from the top of my swing. If I early extend, I'm looking to get closer to the ground through two things. Number one, my knees should increase bend as I turn. Number two, my chest should be getting closer to the ground. The second part is the hand motion, you need to feel like you maintain the wrist hinge and like your hands are lower.

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Jeff White says:

I went into my back yard to try this and proceeded to dig a nice French drain

wjjohns04able says:

This describes my swing to a T! Now I know why I'm flipping, adding dynamic loft to my shots, and hitting short. Can't wait to try the fixes. Thanks for the video!!

Jon Allsop says:

Fantastic video on EE. But this won’t always get to the root of the issue. Why might someone be early extending? For example, a club face too shut or closed in the backswing may try and add loft and save a left (pull-draw) shot by adding EE. Fixing EE here will cause the left shot to come back.

Arjen says:

Why is golf instruction so hard? I am your typical golfer, struggling with consistency forever. Was never able to get consistency for more than 2-3 weeks. Then I loose ALL feel again and go into the viciuous circle again. That is not just a bad day! I am still improving slowly , but same thing happens time and time again, I have never had a period I felt confident about my swing so that I could focus on other aspects. Had several lessons from different pros, but none could indicate what my foundational problem is. Now I think it is early extension. Fixing it seems to help so many things.. pressure on the ground, flipping, chicken wing… Of course it is not the first time I had a eureka moment…. Anyone has same experience?

chader says:

What kills me is the hinged hands under the bar move. I’ve had a few lessons and no coach has picked up that I release down to the ball. If only I knew this years ago.

chader says:

Thanks Eric! I posted this on another video but meant it for this one.Im going to show my ignorance here and I may still be wrong. All of my life I have extended because of the way I deliver the club to the ball because of how I thought I should swing. I’m sure you exaggerated the looks for demonstration . I tried to over exaggerate the knees bent and the hinged hands under the bar while delivering the club and I feel more of a stay low swinging out sweeping feel than swinging down into the ground . I don’t know if that’s right but doing so I
Can make it to 10 and extend.
I feel goofy doing it but probably look good ?

Joseph Thomas says:

I have noticed that when I get great rotation and totally eliminate early extension, the club gets steeper. Any thoughts on how to shallow out that club?

Jaewoo Ahn says:

Just awesome! With early-extension, no matter how you try to improve your swing, it will not because the club-face is not going to meet the ball as it is designed to be.

Steve Moore says:

Good information. Simplify the explanation with fewer words.

Dale Cleece says:

Think this is were my consistently thin shots come from. Cheers Eric ?

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