GOLF: This ONE Hip Move Could Fix Your Entire Swing | Mike Malaska Shows Me This INCREDIBLE Move!

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We were beyond fortunate to get to spend an afternoon with one of golf’s most legendary instructors, Mike Malaska. Mike’s knowledge of the golf swing, as well as his expertise at incorporating physical fitness programs and the ability to physically analyze the body his golf instruction, has made him by far one of the world’s most recognized teachers. His long list of honors includes PGA Southwest Section Teacher of The Year in 2010 and The National PGA Teacher of the Year in 2011. He is currently the Director of Instruction for the Nicklaus Academies Worldwide, Superstition Mountain Country Club, and a member of the National Advisory Board for TaylorMade Golf. You can learn more about Mike and his instruction at

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Dédé 007 says:

Incredible. I didn't even know that early extension was killing my swing and crashing my iron shots. Mike, I will never thank you enough. This correction is a game changer. My swing is so much more fluid and consistent now. I never could really put my finger on the problem before, no matter how many videos I watched and I watched many. I'm having much more fun now.

Ed K says:

This is without one of the best tips I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing,

Wasatch Golf Academy says:

I’m going down to see Mike to help me with this. My lower lumbar spine is toast and this will save me!

Ellis Carson says:

This is probably the most helpful golf instruction video you will find anywhere. The concept of "turning your hips" can lead to a ton of problems but this shows the correct way to do it very simply. Thanks guys!

Tomy Morales says:

This was the missing link in my golf swing. Thank you very much!

Mark Caldwell says:

There are a lot of golf videos online. This might be the best golf video out there. Seriously.

Fast Eddie says:

Shot, that is exactly my problem. My hip stopped rotating and caused all kind of problems….great video, thank you Eric.

Leo says:

That's a magic movement, literally.

Rogier Versteeg says:

This indeed covers a lot of problems. However if you have stiff hips (very low mobility/ internal rotation of the left hip in my case) it will atomatically stall the lower body and creat a flippy swing (as you both stated). My question: can you (learn to) make a decent/ not hands flippy swing without a completely mobil left hip? I have tried to make them more mobile but they are sooo stiff.. I,m 47 and it's a part of my anotemy I think. Just curious on your take on this. Love your content!

Gabriel Illes says:

The key feel to me for this is getting my right hip moving toward the target without letting it go toward the ball like he said around 6 minutes. THAT is what finally has helped this click for me. Has had a great impact for me.

tim hayes says:

To simplify this even more the feeling on the downswing is to get the weight on to my left heel. Everything else sorts itself out from that movement.Thank you Mike and Eric.
If you look at the end of the video Eric really goes onto that left heel (eureka moment)

Dom Nicholls says:

Incredible video. Crystal clear and the notes you provide to screenshot are perfect. Thank you so much gentlemen.

Jay Jeyandran says:

As always Mike gives right explanation , love it

DsevenO says:

I could watch you two break down the golf swing for hours. That said, there's a lot of wisdom packed into ten minutes here.

John Rheiner says:

Elegant explanation with clear, concise demonstration.

Rich H says:

Yet another fault found causing my shan… shan… shanks! Thanks!

Peter uwatch says:

Hey Eric, do you re center or square your hips & pelvis before you rotate? If so, how do you avoid getting ahead of the ball during that re centering & squaring ? If not, how do you avoid getting ahead of the ball when rotating? Thank you

Michael Dodd says:

These guys are magic together!! Eric has so much knowledge but he lets Mike take the lead and perfectly clarifies key points Mike is making. Clay Ballard is awesome too but these guys are special together!

Stephen Andrews says:

Mike is a fucking legend

Keith Lucero says:

As I don’t have tell you that these two golf instructors are the very best – please subscribe to these two teachers because you were missing very amazing golf lessons – Enjoy the day

Jeff says:

Great video. Appreciate the wonderful content and your hard work.

DASH1ful says:

a totally agree. when we press down on the ground, with the left foot, it moves the pelvis back. but, this only turns the hip so far. and, when the leg has straightened the hip can't rotate any further. it is at this point that we have activate the muscles in the left pelvis to fully rotate the hip.

이게나라냐? says:

best coach ever in history

Fran Serna says:

Fantastic video! I need Mike in my life to simplify the 1000 bad swing thoughts I’ve had since my father got me into this sport.

Tim Johnson says:

You are “smart” Mike! This is the nitty gritty for me. Very well done both. Best wishes. Tim

Chris Rumin says:

Wow, very interesting. I can’t wait to get on the rage and work on this. Thanks as always Eric!

Drew Spinoso says:

“It feels good!” Many men aren’t comfortable with another man behind them with their hands on your hips. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Good for you.

skibuddy123 says:

Watched this video and then went to the range and hit the best basket of balls ever. Thank you.

Jlarios06 says:

So how do I do what he just said in a million word? What kind of feel or task should I focus on? I don’t think when I throw a ball why do I have so many thoughts when I swing the club?

Monsieur Zoronov says:

this video is pure coaching gold thank you so much!

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