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  1. @coldasicce I had the same problem (no slice w/irons, big slice with
    driver). I was swinging too hard when teeing off. When you swing too hard
    you PULL the driver down rather than let it swing down naturally, and you
    create an “Out-to-In” swing (meaning your arms come in toward your body on
    release). This prevents the club face from closing completely (square to
    ball). When I slowed my swing to 75% speed – NO SLICE!! With practice I was
    able to increased my swing speed back to 100%

  2. And the ‘slice tendency’ he’s talking about, is *easilly* removed with a
    proper grip or hand alignment (strong grip or bowed left wrist going
    trought the ball).

  3. He lies, everyone knows there is no possible way to hit a golfball
    perfectly straight. need to make videos about “controlling the slice” .
    Heck PGA players dont always hit is straight. The only difference between
    them and a hack like me, is they know how to recover from bad shots. No me,
    I just smash things and slice the next ball 3 fairways over. Life is good !

  4. this is great if you are an experienced golfer but if you want to cure a
    slice fast swing a baseball bat a few time and it will make your hands
    release like this

  5. tip for release: relax the right hand and use the left right hand=30% power
    left hand=70%power choking the club with your right hand will either be an
    over the top, or a BIG slice

  6. It took me about five years to fix my slice. I didn’t use this drill but i
    fixed it using the same concept. I finally figured out after lots and lots
    of trial and error that I wasn’t turning my hands over at impact. So I
    started making myself over-do-it and hitting hooks out on the range and
    worked my way back to find a happy medium. After a while I started hitting
    them straight with a little draw even! I wish I saw this video a long time
    ago and it would’ve taken 5 minutes instead of five years

  7. yh try to not open the iron(driver) keep it forward do the other stuff if u
    want to slice … and if it was windy and you shooted up into the wind then
    it slices or hookes

  8. Glad it helps We use this drill tons with our golf academy. The strategy is
    to keep doing the drill until you hook everything, then gradually move your
    bottom hand up until you have your normal grip.

  9. Follow this video, what he is saying is true, some people does not square
    the club face, so try to release it faster. Even though you have been
    playing for 1 year, you cannot fix it that fast, I have been playing for
    over 8 years and I still have a slight fade (small version of a slice) I am
    still working on this.

  10. im like a midhandicap and i dont slice like every hit and they dont slice
    completly just they dont go straight they start off straight then they
    start going to the right i dont know how to fix this.

  11. hey. I used to do the same thing with the driver. A common cause of the
    slice is attacking the out side of the ball (this means that if your a
    righty, your club face comes from the right side of the ball, which makes
    you pull the club toward you). This puts left to right spin on the ball,
    causing a slice. Try attacking from the inside of the ball. Also, try to
    extend your follow through, rather than pulling the club up immediately
    after you make contact. This worked for me

  12. i am a 11 hadicap but if you realise the club which is good for the long
    irons but when i am close and want to hold the green relise would make the
    ball roll and then you would not hold the green. this is my qwestion

  13. not true.. im an avid baseball player .. and i tend to belive that by
    swinging the bat the problem then becomes a matter of topping the ball
    because you tend to do a more level swing rather than dipping down to scoop
    the ball

  14. 99% of the people who slice hold the club with a weak grip. tee the ball up
    just inside of your leading foot and use a neutral to strong grip to cure
    your slice. everybody thinks it’s so hard to hit a driver straight when
    it’s actually so easy. you can still hit the ball straight even if your
    swing sucks.

  15. It is a great drill for all clubs.. You won’t be able to get as much snap
    at the ball with your hands apart, but you will add big time power once you
    get the hang of it and can release it with your normal grip..

  16. I have been trying to use the two palm grip with varied success, still
    hooking but thats due to inconsistency on my part I think! Is it true that
    you should have a very loose grip in the right hand (if right hand gripped
    that is?!)?

  17. I have been working on a stronger grip to fix my slice with some success
    but this tip really push it into high gear. I drove father and straighter
    with 90% consistancy today at the range. I’m gonna use this little nugget
    of advice alot!

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