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This video discusses a golf tip for a powerful golf swing. Many golfers are always looking for more power in their game and this video will show you how to add extra distance and power to your irons and driver.

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All golfers are wondering how to create the perfect golf swing and are often purchasing all sorts of training aids and doing all types of training programs to try and improve their game and scoring.

This video will focus your attention on the things that really matter in the golf swing and help you improve your game. In this video I use Professional golf swings as a comparison and play their swings in slow motion so you can clearly see the points that I'm making.

This video is taking a complex movement and breaking it down to simple golf making the points as basic as possible for you to understand.

This video will help you swing the golf club on plane making a huge improvement to your understanding of this area and all of these points can be used for the driver too.


Johnny Hicks says:

Love how you make the golf swing so easy to understand and for explaining it so the average golfer can go practice it. You have improved my golf game tremendously.
Many thanks Russell.

Ze A says:

Very interesting point!!!!

30 Second Golf Lessons says:

Great stuff!!! Powerful swings are my favorite, well, that and birdies!!!

jballoregon says:

The right side bend in transition, coupled with the extension of the pelvis, not only centers the pivot but allows the left shoulder to work up and around. You've nailed move, but the right side bend is essential to getting trail shoulder into external rotation so the elbow is free to work back in front of the hip.

Alan Merrill says:

This video added a full club "irons" of more length. A slight decrease in hight, gave me the extra distance. My driver was low and off the heel. I felt like I was swinging the handle of my driver. It was way ahead of the club head…

Joe Sharplin says:

If only we could all come for an in person lessons with you, appreciate the sharing of knowledge!

Vonik says:

Woah you are the only person to explain this very well

Timothy Daniels says:

Very interesting video. Recently I’ve been more aware of that space between the left upper arm and the chest. I have a tendency to hit a lot of toed shots,but when I pay attention to maintaining that space I definitely get more power and centre strikes on the club face. It feels like a more powerful position and it allows me to swing to a nice, full finish.
Thanks for clarifying what’s going on. I’m two for two with your ideas.

John Charles says:

Where are you based,I could do with some lessons from you,you seem to talk sence and know the difference in different sewings cos everyone is stuck at the moment and seem to have going backwards even though if played for years

Dave Wade says:

As always Russell, a gem, with a plainn, straightforward, explanation as to why and how these things should happen

Bill Joe says:

Excellent explanation….so true!!!

G man says:

A little triangle???? Who the F can analyze a triangle??? Just keep hitting balls and YOU WILL FIND YOUR SWING!!!! Oh, and btw, I'm not a pro and I am a 10HC and getting better. Just hit balls.

divotdigger247 says:

Looks like a wonderful way to get trapped and flip. No thanks

Ernie Murdock says:

If you want to have more lessons and have people come to you all you have to do is work with the player to teach them
to swing within themselves. One of the first things you have to do is go over the fundamentals. Don't assume that they
know the fundamentals most players don't. They will buy every kind of aid to show them how to hit the ball longer. Club
head speed is determined by how strong the player is. I've seen player who look like Superman and couldn't hit the ball
200yds. What you should tell your players on the off season that they should be practicing there grip for about ten minutes
while they are watching TV. They should be practicing there "setup" in front of a mirror. Practicing there putting. If they live
in a warm climate they should be practicing there short game. 1.Chipping 2. Pitching 3.Sand and 4.Putting. With these
four fundamentals this is where they will improve there game and cut strokes. Don't try to teach your players to hit
drives like a "Long Drive Champion" it isn't going to happen. When giving a lesson let the player hit shot and from there
you make all your "adjustments" not "changes". You need to check the "players grip" to see that it is correct. Check the
players "setup" to make sure that the ball position is in the correct in there stance. Check the "players stance and posture" to see if his "stance and posture" is square to the line of flight. I watched you, you did none of it. I gave a you player she was pretty good, we made some "adjustments". I advised her on the off season to get into a good "fitness program". I told her to get all her muscles "toned" not big but "toned". She wound up hitting her shots 10 to 15 yards future. My advice to you is start with the fundamentals first before going into your long speech on your lessons.

Chris Ogden says:

Great lesson mate , really helped me at the range yesterday and today in understanding the dynamics of the swing and opening my eyes to new things ..thanks a bunch !

young cho says:

Thank you Russell ~

Paranoid Android Golfer says:

How can you be 100 % wrong with this move the moves semi ok but everything is square not open bud X move pivot point

Way2sublime says:

Wow, really clarifies the importance of side bend

Austin C says:

Not trying to sound like a know it all or anything but I am a videographer and I noticed the audio has a little bit of white noise in the background. To fix that all you need to do is drop the audio track by 12 decibels, or drop it to where the audio levels are around -12 decibels. This will get rid of that noise and make the audio nicer. Just trying to help a fellow videographer out!

Michael Pope says:

Great video!!! I do well with the irons, hybrids and woods, but still having problems with the Drive. Any suggestions?

John Lo says:

You way too technical no disrespect but simplify what you trying to say ok just some simple advice it’s just a swing you make out like it’s something so difficult

Tennessee-Tuxdeo says:

So, if I understand your information correctly, THAT move will also help players who are "Across" line at the top of their swing! GREAT INFO and thanks!!

Brian Gastaldi says:

No way, show videos of those pros at 90° (face to face at address) and their elbows aren't where you think they are. Try again

Pedro Oliveros says:

For couple of years heard about leading with the trail elbow and I tried to imitate what I have seen professionals do and gave up. However, your explanation made it easier for me to achieve it. The sound of impact of my shot has improved and sounds similar to your last shot in the video. That sweet sound confirms I am achieving it. Thanks.

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