Golf Tip – How Should I Position The Shaft At Address

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Golf Tip – How Should I Position The Shaft At Address. Ged answers a question from subscriber BreCarbon regarding the position of the shaft at address.

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My aim is to provide you with easy to follow, clear and detailed advice on the golf swing in order to help you play this wonderful game to the best of your ability. Whether you are a beginner, a Professional or a golfer dedicated to lowering your handicap you will find my advice can help you achieve your goals and beyond.

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sharkface 70 says:

Well explained. A simple check whilst out on the course.
Thanks? says:

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! i have been searching for this answer FOREVER!!!!! can you also do hand position for the woods and driver? im subscribed… NOW!

patrick kennedy says:

all irons and woods  should have a forward shaft lean at address JUST ask booby jones  , dustin Johnson ,paul casey  and the list goes on BUDDY

David Lentine says:

Geez! I can’t believe that your hands aren’t pressed forward more! Horrible tip! I’ve helped so many people at the range by telling then to set the hands forward at address and the response is, my instructor told me to set the hands even or a little bit forward, not to mention the money they wasted on the ignorant advice! I tell them try setting the hands to where the butt of the club is pointing to the middle of the left thigh, when they do it they say, Wow! I’ve never hit a ball that good in my life!

Gary Buckley says:

Tour pros lean it a lot more?

Alan DLC says:

so the hands need to be on the same position and just change the ball position? therefore changing the hand "position" relative to the club?

dtee06 says:

Great info thank you.

Bay Area Sparky says:

Hi Ged. When you hold the club head in your hand to determine the club's "natural position," what are you basing that on? The sole? I don't understand how you're determining the natural position. Thanks.

Brend Carbonati says:

Thanks for answering my question Ged. Best to re grip club once in position behind the ball allowing for the various shaft leans.

James Littler says:

Excellent stuff once again. All the best for 2017, Ged, and keep the videos coming!

Dave Bucks says:

any chance of doing a video on spinning wedges ? i never get backspin and happy new year mate

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