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Golf Tip – How your golf iron should sit at adresss

Meandmygolf explain how the golf iron should sit on the ground when addressing the golf ball


John Clare says:

I`ve been golfing for around 20 years, unable to break 90. I wasn`t able to attain an excellent round during the last 3-4 years right up until I finished reading through these golf swing tricks “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). My irons are not that great. My drive does not get to an incredible range but I am able to effectively hold my driver with no issue. .

JT M says:

I played today for the first time, my drive bailed me out today otherwise I’d be in double figures on every hole. I enjoyed it today but the only thing that annoyed me was every time I was using the iron I couldn’t connect with the ball it would roll on floor for 10 yards, I tried different techniques and couldn’t master it, hopefully it comes with more patience my friend says I was trying to hard

Alfred Brown says:

This tutorial “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) introduced me Golf swing lessons. Presented in the guideline are substantial advices like selecting the correct club model and length depending on your arm length, height, and shoulder width. Through the training lessons in the tutorial, I am able to reduce my handicap to 15 from 22 in a year. .

JJspawn says:

Should the club Face be square or close at address. At this moment I have close, but when I practice my impact the club face is square.

stepps21 says:

Holy Sh*t how i have never heard this and it makes so much sense!! THANK YOU GUYS!!

LeeseMedia says:

Brilliant!! I nearly had my clubs bent to solve this… but this makes better sense.. thank you

Joe M says:

Toe off the ground, face slightly open.

Cocoliso Osilococ says:

how can you people stand this soulless ginger bastard from these videos,

HKS says:

I kept hitting my irons fat & shanking them. It turns out I had the toe at rest! As soon as I raised the toe I was hitting them alot better. Thanks guys!

joshandrews27 says:

Lanky pair of pricks these two…talk shit

golfergal says:

I've played for years, and no one has ever explained this important part of set up.

Callebe Trindade Gomes says:

This explains why my divots are not uniform…

D S says:

This is so basic but so many of us hacks don't know this; I mean, I can hit a ball either way, but toe up is the right way. Only 26% of all golfers break 90 for 18 consistently.

Ken Ainsworth says:

If the club is laying properly on the ground the toe should be automatically be higher.

sagar verma says:

u speak too much & teach too little. u should not have to tell how to play u have to show

Jan Botha says:

I sliced the ball when i bought my irons and got fitted. I dont anymore (4 years later) and tend to pull my iron shots, should I get refitted ?

Bill Malec says:

Recently bought a used set of Cleveland CG16 Tour irons. I had regular CG16 irons before. I couldn't hit the Tours to save my soul. Then I got to looking at them at address. Yup, the lie angle was way toe up. Had them adjusted and now they're great. And yes, the CG16Tours can be bent easily, not so much for the CG16.


I learned a lot from this video…now I know that the heel of the club should be slightly off the ground at address. I can't wait to tell everybody at the course what I learned…and more importantly…where I learned it. };-)>

Cameron Paul Willis says:

You guys are frickin' awesome. Thank you.

Richard Brown says:

I can’t believe I’ve been playing golf for about 25 years and didn’t know this. I went out today and was hitting the ball so well. I’m shocked not one golf pro told me how to address the ball properly. The only question I have is after hitting the ball so well, why am I leaving a divot that aims well left of target?

Zen Master says:

This video really made a lot of sense. People kept telling me to make sure my club was flat when setting up, but every time i tried to make contact the toe would dig in the ground. I tried your tip out today and i was surprised how well it worked. Thanks for the great tip guys.

Cocoliso Osilococ says:


Simian Golf says:

Thank you for this was always wondering about this one

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