Golf Tips: 1st golf lesson swing assessment

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Lee Davies says:

Great Vid. Nice to see someone starting the transformation, really would love to follow this students progress. Fingers crossed there is a part 2 and 3 to this lesson. Cheers G

Jim Smith says:

I was looking at his swing the first time and I was just thinking ' man, there is just not a lot to work with there'. He just has a very "lethargic" swing. He does so many other things very well, and that swing speed is just never going to change much at all. He looks like he would be pretty consistent though, so as long as he sticks with that and has a great short game, he can enjoy himself.

judd liliha says:

Thought that was Kenny Powers himself…..

Paulie DaGolfer says:

Another great video, would be interested to see how this student progresses

B2B Bogey says:

Wish this vid was 20-30 min?

Adam Robillard says:

thought i was watching you give Danny McBride a lesson the entire time… lol nice work g.

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