Golf Tips- Impact Lesson

Golf Tips- Impact Lesson

In this I explain how the golf swing incorporates the same aspects located in all various other sporting activities. It's these aspects that enable you to create amazing power as well as uniformity as your swing.

If you've had golf driving lessons in the past you may have been educated to hit the ball entirely with your arms. This couldn't be additionally from the reality. This kind of golf guideline is just fifty percent of the swing. Although the arms contribute in generating the power in the golf swing these arms need to be hooked up to something.

The reason you could play various other sports well yet have problem playing golf is because in all of these various other sporting activities is in motion whereas in golf the ball is static. With a stationary things sitting in front of you, you'll would like to strike the things as opposed to swinging through the things.

The more challenging you hit, the tighter you get, the much more you'll move the club off of it's path. Also, when you try to attack difficult it causes your arms to bend through effect therefore narrowing the swing arc which lowers your swing speed.

There is varying golf instruction available. With any luck, after you enjoy this and also various other golf driving lessons you see that the legs play a vital role in the golf swing. If not, the very best player on the planet would certainly not be using them.

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38 thoughts on “Golf Tips- Impact Lesson

  1. I am impressed with you, i’ve been trying to learn for years… And found
    you online last week.. I all can say is that I probably learn more from you
    that anyone else. You explain everything so nicely if people don’t get it
    from you they need to change sports.keep the videos coming… They’ll be
    online for generations. Thank you so much.

  2. Jim will do anything necessary to improve your golf swing. If it means
    sleeping with your wife then, dammit, that’s what he’ll do. 😉 

  3. The Pros PRO. Maybe cant beat Tiger these days but could sure teach him
    some things. Clear, succinct. and precise instruction and demonstration-
    the Hallmark of of a successful golf swing coach. This comment is from a
    fellow PGA member.

  4. Mr Mclean, when you said the hands do not return to the position they were
    at address..with all do respect to you…maybe they do return to their
    address position but only in relation to the body..look at min 3:48 at
    address the hands are just inside the left thigh and at impact they are
    still aligned somewhat towards the inside left thigh, only difference the
    body has shifted and rotated..this is so over look at impact… What do you
    think?…Thank you Charles Calhoun THE SHADE TREE PRO.

  5. I really like the way you keep your head so steady until well after impact
    Jim, it’s a problem I have in that I struggle to keep from looking up
    especially, do you have any advice to help me. Regards James

  6. Excellent lesson. One of the best I have ever seen on the subject of LAG
    and Impact positions. Thanks and I will try it for a period of time and
    then sign up for your 3 day lesson. Bill Orlando Cape Haze, FL 33947

  7. Terrific content. Heard this advice before and was never successful at it
    until a much older but better player told me to visualize the arms swinging
    thru air (no resistance) and the hands moving thru shallow water —
    moderate resistance. Top of club and arms will lead your hands on downswing
    and at he last moment (a millisecond before impact) your right hand snaps
    and the ball goes higher and further than it went before (provided you were
    topping the ball previously)

  8. swing hand to forward impact by a few inches is a great statement….great
    knowledge of the swing and fun drill (the hinge drill) in the backyard with
    some practice balls….

  9. Thank you very much for this video. I’ve always asked my friends the
    difference between my impact to other players impacts at the range but it
    seems like they never really understood what i meant. This video really
    clarified what impact should be like.

  10. has to be the best video clip I have ever seen, first time after watching I
    had my handicap reduced by 6 shots over a month,now playing off 15, at 70
    plus years I can now hit shots that I only dreamed about playing,I found
    that turf ball has been replaced with Ball turf’ Have recommended it to all
    my golf friends,especially those who have bee beaten by me. Hugh

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