Golf Tips – The Power Coil

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In today's Golf Tips we look at The Power Coil. If you like our golf tips and golf lessons hit the like button.

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So if you like our golf lessons and you are looking to improve your golf let me introduce you to some of our teaching aids.

Explanar Your Shortcut to a perfect swing.

The Key Putting Skill is the ability to roll the golf ball
Don't forget to click the playlist tab. You will find specific lessons in groups from set up, driving, putting, breaking 100, 90, 80 and lessons looking at the best golfers in the World.

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Thomas Fraser says:

“Left Shoulder over throat for a coiled backswing.” I’m liking that a lot! Thank you for your generosity of these marvelous videos you are providing free to us You Tuber golf learners. I am loving them all. Cheers ❤️😃⛳️👍

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