Golf Tips: Wedge work – how to control distance – junior golf lesson

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Dean Oakley says:

These kids you teach need a serious slap. They are all so disinterested, mummy and daddy are paying big bucks for these lessons and they just couldn't give a shit. Why's the kid answering his phone mid-lesson? So disrespectful!

David Cataldo says:

emailed this guy a bunch of times … never heard back

wynne baker says:

Nice! Is there a email to send you a swing video to take a look at gg?

Nick says:

if you was throwing a ball 30 yards you wouldn't even think about it, all these clock positions are just robotic, these kids should just be encouraged to use there feel and instincts instead of having them taken away and substituted with robotic positions and extra crap to think about, peace out

Padraig Maclochlainn says:

Dialling it in ??

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