Golf Tour Caddies Reading Greens

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JR says:

So let's see, a player cannot use a level or a range finder during a round but his caddie can do it before the round, write the numbers down in a book and then hand the book to the player and the player can use the book during the round. Well, the rules of golf have sure changed. You know what I think? I think that pro golf and the World Wrestling Foundation (WWF) have something in common. They are both fake. Then they have the nerve to compare these cheaters with Hogan and Snead? This is disgusting.

Chip 1WA says:

Good stuff Derek. I had no idea ya'll do that.

Quick Fix Golf says:

You can get the level at any home depot or probably Lowes as well for about $40.

Quick Fix Golf says:

I'll get a hold of Derek today and the model number from him

a2fitness says:

cool video!

Pauliegolfthomas says:

was that just a digital spirit level and whats the cost of one of them

Paul Ohrenberger says:

Interesting…Thanks for the insight!
You'd think they'd never miss!…Hmm…

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