Golf Training Aid: Add 11mph club head speed

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This really will increase your swing speed. Just a few swings a day will train your muscles to fire more explosively.

Materials needed

1 small size pool noodle, can get at Target
3 feet of Velcro “One Strap” from Michaels.
Needle and thread
4 inch by 3 inch piece of cardboard
Small piece of flag cloth from Michaels


Chris Lancaster says:

What did you use for the flag?

R Oliver says:

This is great. Thanks a ton.

Ken Harcombe says:

Hi ive been watching yu n monty for ages luv yu guys.I have just now seen this aid n drills i have got to make one today im stoked cause ive lost easy 10 15 mph i reckon this has gotta help! cheers mate. kd.

Gary monisteri says:

Where did you get the info about the 10%? Is the swing fan more than 10%?

Tom M says:

ONe more question. Any idea why this works? Does it strengthen your arms, core, or change your swing plane?

Tom M says:

What material is the orange stuff?

Steve Newel says:

This is actually a drill suggested by Steve Griffith, long drive champion, in this Kindle ebook "Long and Straight"

Big Greg sparks says:

I like training with the superspeed golf training clubs better, of course you can gain some speed with this, but only so much. I compete in long drive and swing 130+ on a trackman. Ball speeds of 196 mph.

Golf4lefties says:

Swingfan Works. I swear by it. Go get one and you'll be hitting by your buddies in a months time.

RendeZvouS-2 says:

FORE RIIIIIIGGHHT!!! Nah just kidding your right about the 10% rule for speed training ?

dennis duncan long drive golf says:

I cut the noodle to the length from the hostel to the bottom of the grip. works fine

ppjn348 says:

Have you thought of retrying this?

Youngsun Kim says:


Corey L says:

This is a legit good drill for adding a little speed. I have starting adding a little lead tape to the sole as I get faster.

Paul K says:

I'll try this out! I bought a swing speed radar to monitor my results, I know its not 100% but its good for monitoring improvements. On trackman I seem to be maxed out at the 103 mph and low 150's ball speed. I would love to get to that "next level" of distance!

Brian Devitt says:

Awesome job Brendon. Gotta love home made training aids. Going to give this one a go and will report back to you.

dano11000 says:

thanku so much I went from 270 yards to 290 in 3 days using this ,,,is there anything else I can do ,,I will continue for a month using this,,,do u think  maybe add extra ,,in a month will help thanku

Deron Sizemore says:

I'm going to give this a try. I've been doing some infrequent over speed training and I've noticed a difference in the length of my drives although I haven't been on trackman to see exactly how much of an increase has taken place. Originally I was like you with about a 106-108 swing speed. I think this will go great in addition to the over speed training I'm doing.

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