Golf Training Aids : FatPlate Review

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►Fatplate is used in most golf lessons because it offers great drills for ball striking and help with swing path….

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Sean Lynch says:

Just a heads up for anyone who has ever dealt with tendonitis – this thing will destroy your arm(s) if you catch it fat. I'd look for another alternative product made of something softer.

Juan Reyes says:

great review carter!

Adam Flynn says:

Been 10 days without rain back home….a new
That sunshine getting on ur nerves yet???
I have 844 golf gadgets in my house…the wife said if i buy anymore she will divorce me.
Where do i get them ?

MissyLaMotte says:

I remember using those in Portugal. I hated it, to be honest. If you put anything behind my ball, fat plate, towel or whatever, I am 100% certain to either hit it or thinning the hell out of the shot trying to avoid it. It is just how my brain works, I guess. Tell me what to do, not, what not to do. I got much better results with putting a broken tee peck or something similar in front of my ball and making sure that I clip that away as well.

snappert0m says:

$80 for a piece of $2 plastic ? you're off your tits mate !

Greg Kilgallen says:

£70 is a bit excessive

Malcolm A. says:

Excellent vlog Andy and well demonstrated; the basic FatPlate looks about right for me so I will be dropping hints to family about it.

I AM ME ! says:

It's a massive price for what's basically a piece of Perspex. £70-£90. Get lessons!

Stephen Cutting says:

I’d have that thing smashed to bits in about 15 minutes. Fat ⛳️

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