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In this golf transition tip I show you an easy way to start your lower body in the downswing. This will get you learning a powerful, effortless, pain free golf swing.

Almost everyone I teach tries to start the downswing with their arms. This is due to trying to hit the ball sitting on the ground. The more distance they want, the harder they hit. The problem is that hitting hard locks your wrists losing power and consistency. The tighter the wrists, the slower the club swings.

So although it may feel good to hit with the arms you will never develop a powerful, effortless and pain free golf swing like this. There is an easy way to hit the ball so much longer and better with both irons and driver. It all starts at transition. As you start down, here's an easy way is to start your lower body in the downswing and let your arms follow.

Work on your golf transition by watching this tip and trying it when you practice and even when you play. Once you make the switch to the lower body starting your downswing, you can finally turn your arms off and hit the ball longer and straighter than ever.

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Bob Power says:

Hello from Nova Scotia, golf is back! I'm 70 and I took a couple of tips, yes gifts, and put them in place. Just changing my grip to neutral made a big difference. I am now working on my setup and using my hips and legs. It almost makes you swing slower and smoother. The best instruction I have ever seen anywhere. I can't wait to see where I'm at in a couple of months. Thanks so much.
P.s. I love your straight forward method, anyone can understand the lessons. Great,!

Matt H. says:

I love this. Though I'm finding out how inflexible I am. When I've played my best it's staying with the single thought of starting the lower body first on downswing. Thank you for this drill.

Woolf90 says:

omg finally someone that makes sense! thank you

mrshaboom1 says:

thanx paul 4 this tip. U probably said it b4 so I'll ask is the legs flexed in the back swing? just a little or more than that?

Bill Hall says:

But most pros pass the ankle ball with the buckle you’re referring to.

videom says:

this can kill your game if that right hip goes towards the ball!

Jaime Santillan says:

Great video!

Louis Smith says:

I actually try to hit the ball with the club head.

NonStoppp says:

I feel like he’s very exasperated with me! The substance is gold though.

Mike Talley says:

I have been struggling for years with how to start the downswing. Paul’s simple and straightforward instruction is spot on. I went to the range today and hit more solid shots with all clubs in the bag than ever before. I have been a 5 handicap most of my career. Now I believe that I can go to scratch. Thanks Paul!

ramli ptg says:

Great teaching…

Richard Tracey says:

Paul, thank you for getting back to me. If it's ok, I think of turning my knees to the right on the way back and then turn them to the left on the down swing which turns my hips both ways. I feel if I just turn my belt buckle, I am not using my legs. I hope that makes sense. Thank You again for your help.

Richard Tracey says:

Paul, I tried your method yesterday for the first time and I have to say hands down "much more distance" my question is do I want to feel rotation around my lead leg? do I want to be pushing off my trail leg with rotation? or just rotate from a static position? Thank You.

TallCoolDrink says:

Great lesson.
I've struggled with this move, without realizing how much your hips should actually rotate.
Thank you.

alan smith says:

Totally agree with you Paul. My only thought is hips not legs though. Are you thinking about your legs at all? I can't think about my legs, only hips.

Mike Schick says:

I have moved from moving my hips to feeling like I am twisting my legs, and rotating knees. Works better for me. Feels like I am starting a little closer to the ground..

Andrew Peris says:

It's a simple way to swing , so much easier. Keep your arms loose and use your hips to swing , so much better

Golf Duff says:

Amazing video. Best tips I ever heard.

dgarcia5555 says:

Finally broke 90 with this tip.

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