Golf Trick Shot Compilation – From The Boys At Trafford Golf Centre

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Peter Finch

Ged Walters

Andy Carter

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TheSleepbad says:

why so many dislikes looks like a fun video

Christopher Fletcher says:

Love watching people having fun!

aj lemay says:

Great shots please check mine out too and let me know what you think!

Finlay Bellingham says:

worst swings ever

mick banks says:

great trick shots

Tomas Kavanagh says:

Bunch of knobs

Free Golf Forum Magazine says:

This is great I couldn’t stop laughing! #golf #funny #golftricks #like

kstatefan777 says:

Where did you get the 1 iron

tillsy23 says:

Awesome video loved the chipping clips perfection as always

True North says:

People don’t understand the degree of difficulty this is… 

EJArchive says:

Check out my golf trick shot video over my house!

frank comparri says:

you’re. hitting. tee shots. into. boxes. the first 2 minutes were
cool…shoulda turned off the camera after that…js

alejandro valenzuela says:

Go to my channe and see an amazing and never seen before golf trick shot

jbss7382 says:

Er, Mr Shiels? Where were you might we ask???

UnimatrixOne says:

nice “working” ^^

blazingdan says:

So fun! This and the VLOGS with Rick equals SUBSCRIBED! That said, a
transparent message in the top right of the screen is far less annoying
than a huge purple one that I have to close in order to see the whole shot.
: )

Thumper15 says:


XXBattlefield207 says:

What is the brand name of the hitting mat that you guys are using?

SwollenRhino says:

Lol hole in the box ! 

Ian Wallace says:

Very good

Golf Trick says:

golf trick

capatainnemo says:

not GAY or FAKE

Semaj Davis says:

I the first one was that a 65 degree wedged

Ian Hackett says:

You guys are good, as expected Mr Smooth (Peter) made the shot with the 1
iron. Was there any drinking involved in making this video?

Amir Zakeri says:

Hey I just filmed a trick shot video for GOLF on my channel. Check it out
and give me some feedback :)

Amelia Smith says:

On 5.00 lies

Rhys Hunt says:

Is that driving range in caphily

Elliot Burch says:

Watch my video at Elliot Burch wee golf trick

murtaza_mr says:


WinchesterRanger says:

That scouser was nicking all the balls.

Pax217man says:

Oh man I was dying at 2:22 I just had a feeling that something wasn’t going
to go right there! This video however makes me realize that I’m still in
the wrong business.

Klondiko1 says:

Better get some customers or play time will be over.

GoldyAustralia says:

Brilliant :)

Michael Kuzie says:

Attempt #4862

butette says:

That is so good, especially the blind wedge shot from the floor in the
Do you just nip the shot from that tight lie or do you use the bounce at
all to
execute that shot ?

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