GOLF: [Video 2 of 2] Two Simple Drills To Immediately Fix Your Takeaway (With Scratch Golf Academy)

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[Video 2 of 2] Two Simple Drills To Immediately Fix Your Takeaway (With Scratch Golf Academy)

What an awesome day with Adam Bazalgette at the Mediterra Club in Naples, Florida!

Check out Scratch Golf Academy (if you don't already) for some awesome videos from Adam and for the second half of this video series!


While in Florida, we teamed with Adam Bazalgette, host of the popular Scratch Golf Academy YouTube Channel, for a series of videos. Adam has been the SW Florida PGA teach of the year twice, is a 27 year Class A PGA Member, was the director of the David Leadbetter Golf Academy for 13 years, and has taught numerous players that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour. Adam has also appeared on the Golf Channel numerous times. Be sure to check out Adam's Scratch Golf Academy YouTube channel and his website at

For this video, Adam and I are spreading the knowledge across BOTH of our channels. In this video, Adam and I will take you through one of two great drills you can use to instantly fix your takeaway.


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lovetogolf says:

You 2 are "Amazing" It feel's great to be recognized as a person with some talent for the game, but to shoot 44,45 plus every time going out to play it's not satisfying!! Hitting 16 of 18 fairways and shooting 50…Yaa something is Soo wrong! I will work on this drill daily, and thankful to be sent a Video concerning my golf game is load's of Respect..Adam & Eric Thank You for your care..Talk soon!

Doug Kercher says:

Why do you dip your shoulders when you do the moveaway?

Florian Oswald says:

Just did 200 of These before my round and shot a new record ??

Frank Dimitrakopoulos says:

Fantastic drill Adam

Mark Warmanen says:

Follow you both and both of you have made my game better!

Wen Bray says:

Eric, how much does using your core in the takeaway and downswing help keep a swing to stay on plane back and forth? No one really talks about that and how to use your core properly, maybe you should do a vid on this.

Rickie Winkler says:

These videos seemed to flatten my left wrist and forearm aligning it with the shaft much better. Different dynamic at first parallel left wrist forearm and shaft aligned nicely. From there struggling a bit with blending the up and down with the turn. Thanks

James Greer says:

Two of the best in the biz. Excellent drills. Will be working on them this weekend.

Tim Liles says:

Great video! I follow both you and Adam and find that you both communicate basic fundamentals in and excellent, easy to understand manner. You both have helped my game tremendously!

Edward Brown says:

Very good simple drill..that works..thanks

Misael Cabrera says:

Great video!!

Bruce Frank says:

I can always use drills to keep my take away in good shape. Thanks!

Rick Peters says:

Glad to see to great golf instructors teaming up and sharing your knowledge, thank you.

iupab says:

Iā€™m obsessed with my takeaway because I am convinced its the root cause of any of my swing issues. This exercise just further confirms that the first foot or so is conceptually simple but so many things can go wrong is such a short distance. The drill really helps to connect the dots and further drill into my thick skull to stop over complicating this part of the swing!

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