Golf Video Shaft Flex | Response

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Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter!/4golfonline Find out how to choose the correct flex of golf shaft with Mark Crossfield's video response. Mark hits some shots with two very different flex of shaft and shows you the results and how to could help your golf. Choosing the correct golf shaft is an important part of picking the correct golf club.


BenMasterz23 says:

Is the PX 6.0 stiffer than the DG S300???

Johan Melander says:

How do they compare for distance??

Chris Walsh says:

Lmao so old

GENO Dboy says:

How much yards diff rents in the lower launch 

maxpf says:

@theciskokidd well it´s his swing speed for a 6 iron!

Jack Zylstra says:

My mistake! thanks for the correction!

1cleandude says:

Wow what a great demo. Very believable to the skeptics out here. Could you
possibly create another demo that illustrates shaft kick points. High
versus low and the affect on ball flight. Thanks again Mark great work.

Lewis Butler says:

How do I stop thinking the ball and also hitting wedge SB

remmy100 says:

@poolrox0 The higher the swing speed, the more bend there is in the shaft.
With this excess bend, your timing with the release becomes that much more
critical. It’s much easier to be consistent with a stable club head as
opposed to a whippy one. Thats why players like Bubba Watson use super
stiff shafts. If you want more distance but have a slower swing speed, that
“whippy” effect will help. But the faster you swing, the more detrimental a
flex shaft becomes.

Jack Zylstra says:

no that shaft is a regular its pretty whippy in my opinion a stiff shaft
would help your game.

guitarteacher1993 says:

@daeHeotatoPrM typically the longer the club the faster the swing. it
doesn’t usually differ by too much between clubs but it does vary just a
little bit. the most dramatic change in speed is almost always between the
irons and the woods.

Dissco Burr says:

Regular will probably fit you better. You’ll get stronger, and the Ladies
flex will become too whippy pretty fast. Plus, the Ladies flex is VERY

HKgolfer132 says:

I think instead of launch angle you should have done apex height if you can
and distance between the two shafts.

cgasucks says:

Duhh….of course…

daeHeotatoPrM says:

Does swing speed vary between clubs at all? For example, if my club head
speed is 85mph with a 7 iron, is it likely to be 85 mph with my driver as

Matt Priesmeyer says:

@markcrossfields what about shaft torque? I’ve been playing some used mp32
irons w/ tt s300 shafts and am looking to change them out because as I’m
progressing my ball flight is getting maybe a little too high. Anyway
looking to get that explosive piercing flight but not sure where to go.

Tyler M says:

6.5 is stiff…….

David Schultz says:

he doesn’t get paid to do these =p

Steele Brandon says:

i have the project x 6.5 i have 114mph swing speed do i have the rignt shaft

James Brady says:

I use iron rods. Find all the commercial stuff too whippy you know..

Chas Coldrick says:

Steel shaft or graphite?

Lugzeh says:

im sure he gets paid to do something in that sweet “office”

cgasucks says:

Having different clubs in different flexes will fuck up your tempo…..

Escapetehfate says:

Is it worth getting blade irons if you are on a single figure handicap? i
was just wondering if there are any major benifits or losses from blades or
cavity irons. cheers

BirdieBlues says:

how about shaft length? Also, can you adjust lie angle at clifton hill? I
was looking to experiment with a flatter club, so can you give a price for
flattening a single iron? Thank you.

mrjdub42 says:

just three years into the game.Started out with regular flex. I have found
that a stiff shaft seems to give me more control on certain clubs.So flex
wise i have a mixed bag. Is it possible to have favorable results using
differenr flex on different clubs?

Anthony Du says:

@ Mark Crossfields. I want to know if you “spine” your club shafts? and
does it really help you play better?

T J Chowdhury says:

What difference would it make if someone is using a RFlex shaft Driver but
has much higher swing speed? Would he Slice or Hook more often…and why?
Can you please explain this from the technical aspect? Thanks.

dohpaz says:

@Escapetehfate watch the video from yesterday on that topic

BiTechxual says:

Btw, now that you mentioned the ProjectX shafts, how do they differ from
the “normal” dynamic gold S300 shafts for example. Thanks!

shredx81 says:

121 is very, very fast. You want at least a stiff shaft, probably an X
Stiff. Try having the ball more towards your left foot (If you’re right
handed) in your stance. It’ll stop your club face being open at impact. If
you’re hitting high, look for shafts with a low to mid trajectory. If
you’ve got an adjustable driver like the Titleist surefit clubs, dial in a
draw setting. Hope that helps.

Lugzeh says:

this guy has a dream job

Moe Lester says:

i swing the club 65mph and i just turned 13 what shaft should i use ladies
or mens regular?

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