Golf Video Tip: Arm & Elbow Position at Impact

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Swing experts Grant Waite & Joseph Mayo discuss the position of the arms and elbows at impact.

Hi, my name is Joseph Mayo, from Waite Mayo Golf; and I'm here today with my teaching partner Grant Waite and our student Preston. And in this short video clip, Grant and Preston are going to show us the position of our arms and elbows in a good, solid impact.
Well firstly, Preston's a left-handed golfer; so I'm going to talk on this video about lead arm and trail arm, and lead wrist/trail wrist. So first off—at impact—what we see a lot of with amateur golfers is as they come into impact, their elbows spread apart. Their lead elbow flexes, their lead wrist flexes, and the elbows go apart. Now what does that cause you to do? The club head starts to swing over to the left, or go across the ball, which starts to help the player slice the ball. So when you see really good players—or the idea of a really good impact position in order to be able to draw the ball—the radius of the lead arm is going to stay nice and straight, the wrist angles are going to be nice and stable; they're not going to flex. The trail arm is going to be underneath the lead arm. All of these things are allowing the golfer to swing out and create that outward path to draw the ball. So Preston, why don't you go ahead and demonstrate that for us?
Beautiful little draw; well done.
Grant, anything else to add on that?
No, but you can clearly see that as he got to his finish position there, that he kept both arms extended when he's learning to do this on the through side; so there was no chance that anything could break down.
Preston, thank you so much for that demonstration; on behalf of Grant and Preston, I'm Joseph Mayo. Thank you so much for watching the video; we hope it helps your game.



derrek bryant says:

What iron is he using there? Just curious as I look at the position of the
ball in his stance. I have been working on trying to improve my iron play
accuracy as a left handed golfer.

golfninja says:

Interesting guys, question, the arms and elbows position is only possible
because of the correct sequence of the downswing? starts from the ground up
and the arms can only get that connectedness and extension past impact
because of the continued turn through of the body core and shoulders? That
wide elbowed splay and flipped hands happens because the core stops turning
through? So wouldn’t you need to focus on core turning first and the
arms/extension etc. thru then are a result?

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