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Golf Video What is Feel AskGolfGuru, Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about what is feel in a golf club. With the help of James Wiltshire Mark Crossfield hits a forged players iron up against a cast game improvement iron while wearing a blind fold and listening to loud music. See what feel really menas in your golf game with the AskGolfGuru.


johanna forster says:

Interesting one Mark. How about repeating the video for us but without the
gloves but identical grips? Would this then show if the “feel” is through
the hands and if you could feel the difference between forged/cast,
blades/cavity etc

Vici Martynov says:

Respect and awe – damned if i could hit the ball if i couldn’t see it –
love the hat – absolutely love the video – no you won’t feel the difference
as its all in the micro grain structure – the forged club is tougher, think
forged samurai sword versus cast railings but, i cant see many golfers
imparting enough force to initiate brittle fracture in a small casting –
something I am sure Ping researched very carefully before marketing :-)

Jeff Schroth says:

LOL that singing…. as they say, “Don’t quit your day job!”

ndmeyer66 says:

What about blades vs. non-blades? I would think that would be a major
difference. Love to see that one.

David Eaton says:

Daftest video ever!

dg says:

Brilliant heeeeheeeee!!! Shamon mofo

neova2 says:

Great “scientific” test. When you hit it in the sweet spot it will “feel”
soft whether it’s forged or cast. When you hit off the heel or toe, it
feels less solid because there is less material in that part of the club
head and will feel equally bad whether it’s cast or forged. However golf is
a mental game so plays whatever’s gives you more confidence, even if it’s
just a placebo effect

Sword ofDobar says:

Mark I remember reading Ping did something similar when they brought out
clubs in the past. They reckoned even Tour pros couldn’t tell the
difference between cast and forged. Although try telling that to the
average 24 handicapper on GolfWRX who has to have forged blades with no
offset so he can “work the ball”.

acevtown says:

Best video yet

jimbofatplum says:

the gloves would kill any feel i imagine. wonder if you would suss 2 makes
with similar grips? then again i dont think i wanna hear you squealing

NLPrometheus says:

great videos mark! I have a question for you about my swing. i kind of have
a driver swing with my irons where i lower my right shoulder when i start
my downswing, also i tend to come a lot from the inside. i push my hips
forward and left which i think causes this. do you have a dill with which i
can stabilize my hips in the downswing to hit more consistent shots? love
the videos, keep it up!!

Ben Ewart says:

You should do this with tour balls, cover up the logo’s and do chipping.

Oliver Marsden says:

Haha another great video

John Robinson says:

Ha ha. Quality vid mark! Made me laugh that one!

Dan Cooke says:

Great video. Next time Wham’s Careless Whisper might be more conducive to
hitting the shot.

TekIsGod says:

i feel like you would be a blast when you are drunk.

Robbyh999 says:

Haha one of the funniest videos I’ve seen for a while!

Mark Rice says:

THAT WAS GREAT!!!…. What a laugh!… Who cares which club was which!…
Loved it!

Ryan Burgess says:

funniest video you have done with gorilla james yet! keep doing these great

troy2300 says:

Nice video Mark !! cheers from Holland

Christian V Petersen says:

🙂 super funny!

spinmilled64 says:

its funny to see mark being non serious

Andrew Valdez says:

Awesome videoMark! Interesting result

90Bangboy says:

no surprise … but you should take off your gloves !!!

victor pasten says:

I think he was well pissed… gold

Woodland Fair Construction says:


zoro07able says:

great voice – second career –

Tr0llaccount says:

it’s even better with captions on: “stabilize the length of the poem i have
realized there is no abby’s akan here”

callamadegolf2212 says:

Mark, how drunk were you?

paul conlon says:

Curb your enthusiasm James, you are just too happy here 🙂

9tube1 says:

That was a real laugher but I don’t believe James was amused

Garrett Campbell says:

hilarious! great video sir! love what you do and thanks for all the info !

will122391 says:

But Mizuno’s web site says you can feel it!!! lol bssssssss

Mox_au says:

or a baby chicken/duck/kitten

smalltimecharlie says:

I used to have Burner 2.0 and now have RBZ’s The RBZ’s while still a cast
club feel/sound a lot less outrageously like a cast club. The RBZ sound is
a lot duller than the Burner 2.0’s were. I think if you used the 2.0’s up
against the titleist you might have found a difference.

Jack Sean says:

gonna golf make a par then a birdie playing golf is what i do

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