GOLF: Why Your Golf Swing Changes Never Last

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Why Your Golf Swing Changes Never Last

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There are some fundamental elements to making lasting changes to your golf swing. In this video I review all of them!

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Ed Risha says:

Eric, I don't know to day thank your or I hate you for this video. But I can say it was a huge eye opener. So, I guess thank was in order. I have indoor mat and try to do swings several times a week. Hated chasing the little foam or wiffle balls so often not hit anything, and just like you said swings always seem right on until I go out and hit real balls–then exactly as you describe it is like I have done nothing. Also, I never wanted to be "that" guy video my swings and just never thought it a big deal. After your video, I put a laptop in a chair and did exactly what you suggest, 3 balls at a time. (I found it much easier to position a laptop screen and keep it stable than using my phone–plus you can look and really see the bigger screen.) I was amazed that what I thought was really good, was not nearly as good as I thought. Been stuck at about 8.9 index for years and almost feel lucky now I was there. I have been doing the hundreds of swings, and just repeating the same mistakes. So, grudgingly, thank for this video. Now I have a lot of work to do.

I will be joining your site to have you look at the swing and get the extra videos, but had a couple questions. 1. When uploading swing, just one or group of 3 like you show here? 2. Should the video be from behind like yours was in this post? Again thank you for the amazing videos.

Dollar Bill Clinton says:

Good video,,,,,,down the line your swing is like mine,,,,,or is my swing like yours,,,,,?

Dollar Bill Clinton says:

LIVE MONDAY,,,,,Can you help me from sliding the lead hip, I did the pump drill,just want to get a little better at that,,,,( crossing that line of death),,,,you can use that one if you like?

Dan Smith says:

I try not to practice without video. Warmups are different

a2fitness says:

good timing on this video for me. thanks!

Ernie Santamaria says:

What are your thoughts on swing thoughts, practice swings, or mechanics during a round of golf while being in the process of making a swing change???

Kley De Jong says:

Thanks a lot for this! I think this information is just as important, if not more so than the other videos.

Dave Patterson says:

I agree with you 100%. I have a Liveview camera and have found it is easy to get lazy even with that. Unless you actually take the video you’re not learning anything. I got in the habit of watching myself take practice swings watching the live feed and then hitting balls without actually recording the swings. I now make it a point to record as many swings as possible. It is amazing to see how much your swing changes when there is actually a ball in front of you. Another thing I find difficult is slowing my swing down enough to perform meaningful practice. I can perform a number of slow motion swings, put a ball down, and suddenly I swing much faster. Constant feedback is the only way but I rarely if ever see anyone practicing this way. I think you are the best teacher out there period. Thanks for everything. I will be signing up for video lessons soon. Unfortunately, I can see a lot of my problems myself on video so I have plenty to work on for the moment. The good news is that I can see my swing getting better slowly but surely.

staticstephen says:

Great video you said in the past that you had a problem with early extension could you do a video on how you over come this problem cheers ??

Carlos Enrique Lee says:

Excelente Eric, gracias desde Argentina.

sambhu sivalenka says:

You are a natural orator, teacher.

Mitch Schneider says:

Very, very, very good, thanks!

Mark Hillyer says:

Eric, can you do a video on milenization. I found understanding this and how we learn very helpful. It makes it easier for the ego to go slow.

Libor Hušek says:

this kind of practice helped me tons already. And everytime I though did change and I filmed it, it was still the same mistakes over and over

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