[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 005: SWING TEMPO

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Kathy Yaskin says:

Great drill…….thank you! I have been working on my tempo (0;

graham stirrst says:

amazing video Aimee, going to try this at range, was struggling out of bunkers recently and came a cross your videos, such great videos. Excellent coaching , really enjoying your videos

ILJA Sweep says:

I can easily stop at the top but I still do not understand at all when you or anyone mentions that you cannot use your arms to hit the ball but you have to use your body. I'm a beginner and I do not understand this concept. I can stop at the top, then move my body, but it's not that suddenly my swing will follow by just moving my body. I have to do something actively with my arms maybe shoulders to make the swing go, so I'm confused each time I hear this. I know I do not really have much of muscles in my arm, but I definitely do use them in some way. Could you please explain this?

Besides my question, I do like watching your channel a lot and try to implement what I learn from each lesson.

kthiha k says:

Thank you so much …. it's simple and easy. That is what I need now I got it . Thanks.

metamurph says:

ahh, this is the one I was looking for, thanks

doan tuan anh says:

Very good tip to correct my quick downswing with hand power! Many thanks, Aimee!

Cudjoe Wms says:

I really had a difficult time pausing at the top for a three count. I had no idea I was swinging with my arms as you described in the video.

However, once I tried the three count pause and the step drill in front of my bathroom mirror I got it almost immediately. I am enjoying going to the range and practicing now.

I plan to take the step drill to the course as my practice swing to keep my tempo in check.

Thank you Aimee, you are a great instructor!

Toen Khiam Oei says:

Thank you Aimee

Mark Gay says:

Aimee, I love how you get right to the poin in all of your videos. With many youtube videos the instructors talk for minutes before they get to the point.

Jp Pierce says:

Great video Aimee. Just so I am clear on what you are saying, are you pulling the club through impact with your upper body rotation?

Kwanbhan Morchai says:

When you say to use body, which part of body do we have to concentrate on for the first move, left hip or left knee?

Kes Kiswoyo says:

Very good tips.

Kicheol Park says:

I will try it. thank you

sontan3124 says:

Is this for all clubs but the driver?

sontan3124 says:

great tip on the pausing at the top….

amfohr says:

How do your arms connect to the body? Of course they are connected by the shoulders but will they follow always correctly?

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