[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 032: Throw Through to Drive it Farther!

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Our Golf Professional Aimee Cho prepared a driver down swing lesson; to help you hit it farther! She shows you how to feel the throwing sensation and explains the difference between an iron swing and a driver swing (down blow vs. up blow).

In the next lesson, she will show you how to create power using your core!

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Filmed at Winderemer GC, Atlanta GA.

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Dryfield3 says:

Your the best Aimee, as all Amys seem to be, "Once in love with Amee"

Budi Mardiono says:

Just hit Subscribe to this channel…. great explanation…

David Williams says:

This really works!!! I literally hit the ball 25 yards further with my driver and my irons are much crisper. Aimee's delineation between an iron swing ( weight on forward foot at impact ) and driver ( hang back more, right foot does not leave ground until after impact ) made the biggest difference for me. I was definitely spinning open trying to transfer my weight the wrong way hitting massive pulls and fat irons. The only thing I would add is do not sway on the backswing for either the driver or iron in trying to shift your weight which I was doing at first. Thanks, Aimee!!! Can you comment on what I said. I would like feedback. I am going to subscribe also.

V.Gunalen Valusamy says:

Aimee you lesson are great thank you for the tips

smallfrys88 says:

Hi Aimee, what about the other woods.i.e. 3 and 5 woods?

aceb47 says:

Thanks for the input. Been having the habit of shifting my weight too soon for years… even if I position ball pass the front foot. Had the best driving round in a while listening to your tutorial. Thanks a bunch

Elise Nguyen says:

Aimee, you are a blessing for us, the amateurs golfers seeking help here on youtube. Your instructions are so amazingly crystal-clear. The erratic behaviors you explain are so on-point exactly to how most of us would do . In my case, I was hitting so long and well w/ my driver in my first year of golfing, until I started to work on my iron games ( did the weight- shift to left leg for iron swings) . Ever since I ought to apply the sameweight-shift to my driver swing ( as most people told me all swings are the same) . Ever since then … my driver swing blew up from 1 self-fix to another , and driver distance got shortened . I had no idea why … until see your video today. Thank you so so much. Keep up the fantastic work Aimee. We love you !

Sean S says:

Aimee, you are the only golf instructor that actually details it in a sensible manor of understanding. The rest i have seen are just tries to show you how to do it and the in betweens that leaves you with mysteries(sorta like trying to figure out the riddle talking). I have learned more with your videos than my lessons with all the other pros. you just make more sense, wish i had you as my beginning golf instructor. instead of learning all the bad habits as i went through to get here. it's been 20 years and i still suck, i am now a 16 handicapper and lost a whole bunch of betting money. but now you have opened my eyes and ears, i hope to get all my money back. Thank you sooo much for your absolute best instructions.

Zahimi Ibrahim says:

Excellent! This addresses what I think I have been doing. I've been working hard to improve my weakness which was short to mid irons from sweep to a much more consistant descending blow with nice pro-like divots. I'm much more confident with approach shots now but inexplicably lost my driver swing (the strength of my game before) which has gone way way south. So frustrating.

Thank you Aimee. I'm going to try this the next time I'm at the range.

KINGKURT14 says:

very good lesson Aimee, I gained almost 10 meters very quickly following your thoughts even with choking a bit. 2 Questions 1. Would you agree that it helps to try to accelerate AFTER ball contact to avoid early weight shifting? 2. With top spin you mean less backspin using correct driver swing, right? Or is it really possible to create top spin golf?

Manuel Mascareñas says:

Love it, thank you Aimee

Konefesa says:

Thanks Aimee, That's me right there-body in front

maxwired 223 says:

Great video!  How do keep the left arm straight without adding tension in your arms and shoulders?

Brian Reilly says:

very nice swing you have

Steven Nelson says:

Thanks Aimee, I;m driving the ball shorter and shorter each year, I am excited to take these tips to the range tomorrow and see if it helps… I like the thought of throwing the driver, I just may do it with the worn grips I'm playing with…. thanks again

Francisco Tortoledo says:

Thans Aimee, you are a great teacher.

antonio mafodda says:

thats the best explained golf video that i have ever seen thanks Aimee

seethefuture openyoureyes says:

thanks you jam pack your instruction and teaching , very good method of teaching golf

Social Messages Esperto says:

Great lesson. Thanks for your guidance Aimee.

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