[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 035: Pre-shot Routine part 1

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Do you ever hit it great on the range? But can’t seem to make the same swings on the golf course? If that is the case, we may have to take a closer look at your pre-shot routine.
The lesson is divided into 2 parts: Physical and mental aspects of the pre-shot routine.

This lesson is on the physical part of the Pre-shot routine, talking about 4 main subjects:
1. practice swing
2. alignment
3. waggle
4. breathing

Learn in depth about these areas, take everything into consideration before trying different routines.
Take a peek at Aimee’s pre-shot routine! You can start creating your routine by copying tour players’ pre-shot routines. Tweak one or two things to make it yours.
To give you an example, when Tiger Woods hits a shot, he looks at the hole about two times and lifts the club head up off the ground about 3 times. And usually second time he lifts it up, is with a slight waggle.
Once you find a routine that helps you get ready for each shot, stick to it so you become confortable with the routine!

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Calypso AirFPV says:

you are my favourite golf instructor on youtube. you keep it so simple for dummies like us so it really works! suggestion? if possible I could use help on tips for approach shots. I find them nerve wracking because they kinda need to be precise or i could be all over the field chasing stray balls.

Coolness201 says:

Upland Hills! Nice! Played a lot there as a kid. Need to go back soon. Fun course. Do you teach there?

Peter Vincent says:

great video as usual. Will help me a lot. thanks.

D B Harris says:

if you thumbed down this video the only explanation is that you are just not advanced enough in your golf game to appreciate the importance of a consistent routine. This was an excellent video. Thanks for explaining the intricacies of your routine. It helped me identify what I needed to focus on. 3.1 handicap

Renate S. says:

Dear Aimee, thank you so much! Your lessons are so helpful for me. Its a pleasure to try all your drills and short tips. And they work!

Ross Tafari says:

I'd like to order your 2017 bikini calendar.

Edwin Betancourt says:

Having a pre-shot routine is extremely important. It sets the foundation for the golf shot. Without one, you will be inconsistent at best from shot to shot. I have a similar routine to yours Aimee so I was happy to see I was doing this part of my game right:)

Panu Pentikäinen says:

In many of your videos audio is distorted and makes the speech not so pleasant to ears.
Please check gain stages of the microphone preamp, recorder input level and in the video editor, too. If nothing seems to be wrong then I'd suggest you to upgrade the microphone (in case audio quality matters, of course).

charly yoo says:

Thank you Aimee for letting us know your physical pre-shot routine. I am going to use this. Very logical to me. Can you please also do a Vlog on your pre-shot routine for putting as well. Maybe it's similar. Thanks again for all of your videos.

jason day says:

You are just like A teddybear so cute? just like lydia Ko also teddybear? great videos?

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