[Golf with Aimee] Driver Lesson 033: Use Abs to Drive it Longer!

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Our Golf Professional Aimee Cho prepared a driver down swing lesson to help you hit it longer!
Aimee helps you find your obliques.
She helps you find the correct hip movement, which will be the key to creating power with the obliques!
In this video, Aimee will show you an exercise and a practice drill to have you hitting longer drives in no time!

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Email: aimeechogolf@gmail.com
Filmed at Upland Hills Country Club

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An Hong says:

Terrific explanation of the difference between iron and driver swing! Much thanks.

Carolle Bécotte says:

Thank you very much for the tip. Carolle from Canada, Quebec City

Joe Federico says:

great lesson. This should be one of the first lessons a starter should see!

Roger Toye says:

great steps. didnt see you sit much on the final hit 😉 x

Pilar Martinez says:

Love your videos they have made a huge impact in my training.. I'd let to know where your hands should be at the top of the swing.. espeically on a driver.

Mrbigolnuts says:

thank you Aimee, just like the pros

James Hoover says:

Wonderful, clear instruction! Has helped so much but I still struggle with the ball being so far forward for the driver. I know it has to be to hit up on it, but when I swing at a ball that far past the natural low point of my swing I keep finding my swing starting to come back inside as I make contact. I can't keep the club going straight down the target line without sliding to the left, but then I am hitting down on the ball again. Help!

InsightDean says:

A – do you find that those that drive the ball "over the top" are shifting their weight? And do these people also tend to hit irons fat? I will try the sitting down drill and throwing the club this weekend.

David England says:

Hi Aimee – thats a really good lesson – thanks

Smash Quist says:

She is awesome and not to bad of a dresser either

Dennis Chui says:

you are the best

Mike Stetter says:

great video, thanks for posting. This is tough to get at first but what a difference when you do it right. The challenge for me is doing this swing and then iron swing in consecutive shots as they are totally different.

George1mac says:

64 years old and just now found more information in simple terms than any of the big dog names have provided…thanks!!!

HmoobMNxwb says:

Great teaching and a perfect swing! Many instructors can teach but have bad swing.

Lionel MO says:

Aimee, Superb video I hit 250 yards after following this video and the other two driver videos. I have been playing golf only for four years and am 69 years old. Until I saw your video series I hit my driver shots as I do with my irons with the lateral shift. I watch so many golf videos everyday but never found someone saying hit the driver on the back foot. Many thanks Aimee.

WiLL Harrison says:

Thanks so much for the informative videos. My overall performance has improved dramatically over the past several months after discovering this pot o' gold. I spread the word to anyone looking to improve their game.

wcc128 says:

You are a gifted teacher and a gifted wearer of white pants!

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