[Golf with Aimee] Golf Lesson 038 – Putt for Dough!

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Aimee’s first putting lesson in case you haven’t seen it yet,
please watch this fundamental lesson first and then comeback to this one!

Aimee shows you a fantastic drill to help you achieve that dreamy putting stroke you’ve always wanted!
Four things to take away from this lesson:
1. Straight stroke back & forth
2. Square putter face throughout the stroke
3. Ability to control stroke size
4. Great rhythm!

Start trying the drill for about 5 minutes a day,
You will start making putts in no time!

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Greg Kuehle says:

I really enjoyed the method, and plan to start practicing daily.Good stuff Aimee.

drufletcher says:

Great advice Aimee!

Dave Hayes says:

Thanks Aimee, i'm going to try this, makes perfect sense, good advise.

mslugx says:

very infomative. Thanks Aimee. and nice red lipsticks 🙂

William Rigaud says:

Love your content Aimee

The Snookerist says:

Awesome Aimee

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