[Golf with Aimee] Swing like Aimee BEGINNER SERIES 001: SET UP

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For those of you interested in picking up the game of golf, Aimee has prepared a series of fundamental lessons to help you self teach at home.
It is difficult for beginners to practice and master the fundamentals of the golf swing by themselves.
Aimee helps you learn positions in detail.
Learn how to put correct pressure into your body,
Learn exactly where to put that pressure,
Learn check points,
Even if you are not a beginner, you should always keep your fundamentals in check!

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Email: aimeechogolf@gmail.com


Suja Karuppaswamy says:

Awesome teacher! Thank you Aimee!

mikrobluess says:

very nice explained! Thanks alot

Alison Wade says:

Fantastic. I am a beginner – only had 3 lessons so far – and this will really help me when I go to the course to practice, and I can also practice at home too. Ali x

Sherman Choo says:

thanks aimee

Myung Hyun says:

it was a best lesson ever~ thanks aimee!!!

kthiha k says:

Thank you so much.

metamurph says:

I generally think of getting weight in my arches not in the balls of my feet.

Reece Djemal says:

really good stuff. thanks.

Brend Carbonati says:

Great idea Aimee! I think all golfers regardless of their ability will benefit from these videos.

Peace-Lovers says:

Hey Aimee. Could you please tell me what is the pressure that is been felt on your right leg during the stance and at the backswing position. Thank you

astroboy Chew says:

Happy new year Aimee! Gosh! What did you do to the clouds? Which planet is this? LOLz!

Solomon Li says:

This is great! I only picked up golf 2 months ago and find that your instruction is so clear without a lot of hyper technical jargon. I'm looking forward to going out to the range to practice some of these basics to get my balance right.

Christopher Lok says:

Guys, follow her on instagram if you'd like to learn more about golf and also to see lots of food pictures…

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