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TheFester999 says:

Big improvement on Pete Finch (sorry Pete……..)

Peter Finch Golf says:


Brandon Cowley Golf says:

well this was tense…

konartis8108 says:

Saw this and cross fields blog side by side, but came here because of

christopherMTLvideos says:

Rick didn’t want to lose to a girl. Plays alternate shot. Man up!

GrandaddyCrunk says:

So this is like a golf escort service? Lol.

Ged Goring says:

OMG. How the hell are you supposed to concentrate on playing golf when your
playing partner turns up rocking an outfit like that. A change of shoes and
she could be a pole dancer. Fabulous. About as different as can possibly be
from the women that play at the club I play.

Mark Dean says:

Another fantastic course with nice holes!!!

Rick Shiels PGA says:


See what @GolferGirlOz & @RickShielsPGA can shoot playing as a team!

bceagle83 says:

I found this vlog to be among the more inspiring in recent memory. I am
somehow much happier for having viewed it. Golf is good.

deus exutopia says:

wait a minute, was rick in this video? i didn’t notice

JCRocksteady says:

You dirty old man Shiels!!
Films a hot young lady tee off, then reveals he’s wearing a pair of ray
bans, ha ha!!
There was a lot of flirting going on in that video!
At one point I thought it was scene from a sequel to Caddyshack!!

Adam Wale says:

Eyes on the ball!

Matthias Gold says:

calling most viewed video on the channel! 

Diego Diaz says:

Peter Fynch ??? Eat your heart out lad !!!!

nickz vlogs says:

bro i can’t fathom how you were able to pay attention while playing with
that id bang that like my pinkie toe. may the laws have mercy on my jewels

Will Charter says:

What the hell?! Where did she come from???

Sgt Pepper says:

More like #gigglergolfgirl…

Carl Broadbent says:

Oh rick, I’m not watching anymore vlogs because it will never get better
than that.
Ps. much better legs than peter finch. lol sorry peter truth hurts.

Marvyn Watson says:

Is this for real? Does ur Mrs watch ur blogs? I got bored. 

Ian Wright says:

get in the hole ?

luke mailey says:

The sexual tension is unreal

Carter's Golf says:

Think this is the 1st Vlog I’ve ever watched where I’m not in it….. Good
work 😉 

silverN gunz says:

Part 2?!!!!!!

99johnmatrix says:

I wouldn’t be in the ruff, I’d be in the muff!

MrBadassbuddha says:

I played with a female today, mixed pairs , random picks. I got put with
Mrs Crabtree, arse like a rhino, face like a bulldog licking mustard of a
thistle , You lucky f£$&ing cun……

Hainjuice says:

I’d chuck her about like an empty tracksuit 

Marino Sullivan says:

Thank god this is only PT 1…… 

simon george says:

Wow nice rick when she going on LPGA

Paul Broadbent says:

Get in the hole!

Davide Ciccoritti says:

…and she backs it all up with game!

mgavina23 says:

i was so distracted that i almost forgot rick was in the video

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