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Coochicoo says:

In the words of Homer Simpson, “think unsexy thoughts…. think unsexy

Rick Shiels PGA says:


Check out the next instalment of the course vlog with @GolferGirlOz

Shawn Graf says:

RICK, hurry up and hit so that it’s her turn…lol

Andy M says:

Meanwhile the wife is at home wiping up cow and gate puke.

Diego Diaz says:

Mr Fynch spotted at the airport boarding !!!

liam f says:

Rumour has it, Vici Martynov use to be a Golfer Gal before she headed up
MI5’s rocket scientist division

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:

It would be so hard to play with her….literally!

christopherMTLvideos says:

“You can check her out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, anything else?”

Perhaps some “other” sites too?

TheSagemeister says:

I so would have made her hit a tee shot on that par 3 :)

Nigel Day says:

She can definitely play golf however I don’t think I could stand 18 holes
with that annoying giggle! 

jasonhines85 says:


Nik S says:

this girl is sexy as fuck

Carl Broadbent says:

Nudey run. Oh my lord rick your face.

My Golf Journey says:

Rick, you play good golf at the right time haha 

Mohd Radzi Nurul Azri says:

I should have been a YouTube golfer… Isk isk… Btw, she got the skills
and the charm.. Thumbs up! 

Es Sko says:

Okey, I get that she is beautiful and everything, but what is this? Is she
some sort of a golfing escort girl? Really dont see the point of bringing
her on the channel if thats the case…. 

SuperStevegrant says:

Yummy. (Not you Rick)

Mark Dean says:


Karl Dionela says:

She is like an aussie alicia silverstone

Connor Mitchell says:

done well to play there Rick! I’d be nursing a trouser tent every shot. 

HoodooGuru111 says:

Rollergirl enjoying some golf…

meccadave says:

Rick, we all love you buddy.

Can you ease up on the constant introductions at the start of each part? No
one starts at part 2 you know!

Every body has just watched part one, we know what’s going on.

Michael Robinson says:

Thank God she was only lining up her putt when she disappeared out of

Hassan hat says:

199 people smashed one out after watching this video !!

Adrian Hambleton says:

rick, you ‘are’ the man.

Michael Scrimshire says:

You lucky bugger shiels..!

Steve Fowler says:

Barbie & Ken still down under

dante gonzalez says:

La te da!

SatsumaBomb says:

I feel naughty for watching this lol 

Skyboxer says:

Assuming they played some golf… Couldn’t really tell.

TheGolfdaily says:

She is actually a very good player..

Paul Wicks says:

Two holes a day just isn’t enough!

Goldwarrior14 says:

You get your Dick wet?

Joe Simmons says:

I haven’t laughed so much at a golf video

nickz vlogs says:

RRRRIIIICCCCKKKK why’d you choke

David Price says:

Rick you absolute dog!

paulcully93 says:


The Dude says:

I would forget the name of the course too. 

Ant Williams says:

Ok,first off – benefit of the doubt to the channel, maybe this arrangement
was made for them in advance and Rick wasn’t 100% sue of what the deal was.
That aside, as someone who now has a daughter and with a partner who might
be reading some of the posts made against this vlog (not to forget the
young woman featured), I would like to think that he is very uncomfortable
with a lot of what has been posted. Uncomfortable question for the next
Monday Night Golf Show? For the record – yes she’s very talented – just a
shame that golf being so male dominated and stuck in the dark ages in some
areas that she can’t earn a living in the game without having to act out
balding middle aged businessmans fantasies at corporate golf events…… 

Jeff N. says:

Come on Rickie pull out the BIG DOG!!!!!

dante gonzalez says:


Phil McK says:

Even as a guy I think it is unfair on your partner that you are out playing
with a girl like this. Obviously she is running a business off guys that
have to pay to be in a good looking girls company. It’s sleazy and
portraying girls in the wrong way. I’ve been a big fan of your videos Rick
but I feel disappointed.

nickz vlogs says:

dude for 5 hours i would have soo much fun with dat

ALEXANDER klein says:


liam f says:

The young lady is quite clearly ovulating, one can tell from her body
language she is gagging for a length 

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