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Rick Shiels PGA says:


See what Jasmine has in the bag!

Mayukh Kondepudi says:

“Start with the big stick?”
“Sure, my favourite..”

gordon o'riordan says:

She knows her stuff anyone hit a Tour Exotics driver? Heard good things
about them but don’t see them availability anywhere

Hacker2024 says:

This vid just won’t play for me! Odd when all of ricks other ones do! Must
be a queue of fellas trying to watch it in HD

Scott Glennie says:

Good grief why’s there no girls like her in my club?? Wow really nice!!
Smuggle her home Rick ⛳️

Darryl Beattie says:

Wow Rick, don’t get me wrong she’s cute and everything, and yes she can
golf but if I had to watch much more of that I think I would unsubscribe.
You need to get back together with Finchy before you end up divorced…she
puts the air in “airhead”

MrBadassbuddha says:

She reminds me of the bird from the film ‘Clueless’, which is kind of
ironic considering she has chrome finished wedges ……

lethomadness says:

tour edge driver hahahaha

Thomas Waters says:

Big stick is her favourite and she likes a shiny head *bites fist again*

Nick says:

i can see NIKE or similar buying the golfer girl brand…its a no brainer

IIppon A says:

She is sweet as hell! Would love to do some green with her ^^

Will Charter says:

Rick you are a legend :)

Andy M says:

0.52 great sweeping view of the ‘driver’

TheGolfdaily says:

She does have old-ish clubs for her level of game.
Love to see follow up video of who would sponsor her and what new clubs she
would use.

Jay Banbury says:

Hands up .. who was looking at the putter head?

Christian Gleave says:

I can’t sponsor, but I could marry…

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:

Loves a stiff shaft she does…

paulcully93 says:

The sexual innuendo was everywhere

Mark Spackman says:

Don’t normally comment but found this slightly disturbing. And odd

Oni Link says:

Why is she so pretty? :|

MrTorontoMapleLeafsFan says:

She has no braw on!

Hudson Harris says:

Crappy clubs

Fn3Putt says:

damn shes hot

Russxiang says:

Likes her driver stiff.

MrTorontoMapleLeafsFan says:

She like STIFF if you know what I mean.

My Golf Journey says:

What clubs was she using again?? Haha good video Rick 

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