Golfers GET SUED…

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Well golfmates… it's been great but I'm getting sued for what i've done. I hope you can support me in this time as it might be hard to get through it… We are playing that badly im getting done for impersonating a golfer… 🤣 Stu is a 5 handicap golfer, although he has been near scratch at 3 hcp. i am a 7 handicap golfer and happy to be single figures! and mr barlow is our mid handicap 15 handicap slicer. who want to fix his slice! We are playing at the fantastic La Cala Resort in Sunny Spain.Courtesy of Give us a chance for a golf holiday quote!

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Guy Brown says:

Put the ball wherever you want, it’s all for fun

brembe01 says:

Liam, you breached rule #14, played from the wrong place and did not correct it, officially that's a disqualification.

Nigel Burton says:

Give anoreta a try, lovely course the other side of malaga just off the motorway. Cheap as chips as well compared to la cala, but I believe better,! 😊

Neil Belcher says:

Hey Liam you missed opportunity to penalise mr. Barlow 1 shot when cleaning his ball when taking a drop from lateral hazard,rule 14.1c……disgusting!!! Lol

Tom Lee says:

"This could go anywhere" Roy speaks the language of golfers everywhere!

Robert Edwards says:

“Where are you Roy?”

“I’m in the hozard” 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Peter Jones says:

Nice to see Stuart back on the channel

Paul Harris says:

Liam are you going to do a golf mate’s Christmas special?

Peter Johnson says:

Brilliant video chaps, course looks mint as does the weather.

Philip Bennett says:

Steve, theres a hole on the Sea Pines course just like the first you played here, not far from from Hua Hin in Thailand, if you ever get back there.

Ian Halford says:

Haven’t genuinely laughed out loud at many YouTube golf videos but that downhill putt on the last 😂😂

Alex Brown says:

Having fun in the sun ☀️ Liam stop your cheating it’s helping Mr Barlow 🤪

Myles Clark says:

Spain? Thought you were in Portugal 😂😂😂😂

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